What Will Happen When Meghan Markle Goes Into Labor?

The arrival of Baby Sussex is growing closer every day and is probably the most anticipated birth of 2019! Fans and the media cannot stop speculating on every detail until the exact day that Meghan Markle enters the fight.

As we know, when this exciting time finally comes, the world will be in a madness! Millions of people are waiting to hear every update, and royal fans around the world are waiting for their seats to finally hear the announcement that Baby Sussex has arrived!

Although we already know that things will certainly not be calm when the Duchess of Sussex gives birth, we wonder what exactly will happen at that time. Let’s see!

Kensington Palace will announce the exciting news

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If everything happens as we would expect, we will hear an official announcement from Kensington Palace stating that Meghan Markle has started working! This is likely to cause an exciting chain of events, as royal fans will now constantly monitor news sites and social media to see if there are updates on how Meghan is progressing.

We can expect fans to stand in line, wait for a glimpse of members of the royal family and look for clues to see what might happen.

Family members will be notified

Family members such as Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate Middleton, and of course Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, will be notified that the time has finally arrived!

Although we are not sure if they are notified by Meghan and Harry’s official assistants or by the couple themselves, we can say that this is one of the happiest calls they have ever received!

Royal betters will be frantically giving odds

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As was the case with Kate Middleton at every birth, royal dwarf mates will appreciate it until we know the sex of the baby, the birth weight and the name.

Even while Meghan is at work, many people will still speculate about whether she will have a boy or a girl, what the royal nickname will be, and many more aspects of the exciting birth!

Fans will watch as staff members arrive at the hospital

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We can expect members of Meghan’s staff to arrive at the hospital to provide her with all the things she needs. There is a good chance that we will see pictures of people arriving with a special outfit for the new mother to wear, as well as staff to do Meghan’s hair and makeup.

If we are lucky, we might even catch a glimpse of Prince Harry arriving at the hospital with stuff to make his wife as comfortable as possible, such as a favorite pillow, a comfortable bathrobe or warm, fluffy slippers! How cute would that be?

Queen Elizabeth II will be notified of the baby’s birth

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When the duke and duchess of Sussex officially become the parents, according to the royal protocol, the queen must be the first to be informed. Chances are she’s been waiting for hours on her phone, longing for the news that her new great-grandchild has arrived!

While it may be hard to imagine Queen Elizabeth doing this, we must remember that when it comes to exciting events like a new baby, she is just like the rest of us!

The world will find out

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After the queen and the rest of the family have been informed of the birth, we get the message that we have been anticipating for months!

Much will be celebrated if the world is notified of the birth of the royal baby, and we cannot wait until the day finally comes!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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