What will Meghan Markle wear post-baby?

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are parents! The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed a baby boy on Monday, May 6, 2019, at 5:26 AM. BST. And, despite not posing for hours for an official family portrait – as many members of the royal family do – Prince Harry still went on camera to confirm his son’s arrival and to share when we can see him for the first time as a family see. Spoiler alert: It’s earlier than we expected.

After enthusiastically sharing the news with members of the press, Prince Harry revealed their first official plans as a family: a photo call outside of Frogmore Cottage on Wednesday, May 8. “I think we’ll probably see you in two days as planned as a family to share with you and so that everyone can see the baby,” said the Duke of Sussex on the outside of Frogmore Cottage on Monday.

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Both fans of the press and those of the royal family eagerly await the introduction – and think about things like “Who will Baby Sussex look like?” “Will Prince Harry or Meghan Markle take him for photos?” And “Are they announcing their baby’s name on the photocall?” – we can’t help but wonder if Meghan Markle will pay tribute to Princess Diana through her first postpartum outfit.

What will Meghan Markle wear for her first pictures after the baby? View our guesses, ahead.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first family photo 

During pregnancy, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made it clear that they would not pose on the steps of a hospital – like Prince William and Kate Middleton and other royal couples – hours after they had welcomed their firstborn into the world. Instead, they would share the birth and introduce Baby Sussex to the public at a later date.

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Well, they really fooled us. Although they were not posing for a bright spot on the day of the day, Prince Harry still spread the news with the media hours after the arrival of Baby Sussex and even provided details on when we can expect their first appearance as a family. And it is much, much earlier than we expected. According to the Duke of Sussex’s claim, we could see the Sussex family tomorrow.

What will Meghan Markle wear post-baby? 

In the past, outfits worn by royal mothers after birth were the talk of the city. And we imagine that the first post-party outfit from Meghan Markle is no different. What will Meghan Markle wear for tomorrow’s photocall? It is not entirely known. However, some believe that the Duchess of Sussex could copy Kate Middleton and honor Princess Diana by wearing something similar to what she wore after the birth of Prince William or Harry.

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The outfit of Princess Diana after the birth of Prince William consisted of a teal silk dress in muumuu style with white dots in combination with a pair of stocking and ballerinas. In honor of this outfit, Kate Middleton wore something similar after the arrival of Prince George – a blue baby doll with a polkadot and a few wedges. The dress caused some controversy as it drew attention to Kate Middleton’s postpartum bump, which some criticized after not realizing that baby bumps don’t just disappear after delivery.

The outfit of Princess Diana after the birth of Prince Harry was a loose-fitting red jacket dress with a pair of short red heels. After skipping an honorary collection for the birth of Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton decided to honor her deceased mother-in-law again in her postpartum outfit after the arrival of Prince Louis. The Duchess of Cambridge wore a sleeveless red dress with a white lace Peter Pan collar and a pair of naked baby halves. This outfit and the dress she wore after the birth of Princess Charlotte was a little less fitting to pull away from her postpartum bump.

If Meghan Markle wants to follow the example with the tradition of honoring Princess Diana, she might opt ​​for a blue polka dot or red dress from a brand she loves. Some of her favorite brands for maternity and non-maternity include Aritzia, Victoria Beckham, Erdem and Hatch.

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