Where Is Charity Pierce From ‘My 600-lb Life’ Now?

Where Is Charity Pierce From 'My 600-lb Life' Now?

Charity Pierce’s journey on My 600-lb Life was one of the most compelling and emotional stories to come out of the show. Her struggle with obesity, her mother’s illness, and her eventual triumph over her addiction to food and alcohol made her an inspiration to many. Here is a look at Charity’s story over the years, from her weight loss surgery to her recent struggles and triumphs.

The Beginning of Charity’s Journey

In 2015, Charity Pierce appeared on My 600-lb Life season 3, weighing 778 pounds. Her situation was so severe that Dr. Nowzaradan admitted her to the hospital immediately. She underwent weight loss surgery and lost 282 pounds by the end of her episode. However, she faced tragedy when her mother passed away, causing her to fall back into her old habits.

A year later, in a My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? episode, Charity was still struggling with cellulitis infections and underwent another skin surgery. She lost a total of 440 pounds by the end of the episode, and her daughter, Charly, started her own weight loss journey.

In 2019, Charity’s life took a turn for the worse. She traveled to Iowa with her family to have a memorial for her mother and discovered that her fiancé Tony had started a relationship with her sister. This caused Charity to become depressed and turn to food, alcohol, and cigarettes. Despite these setbacks, she was able to lose 41 pounds by the end of the episode and get approved for another skin removal surgery.

In her 2019 episode, Charity had a third skin surgery, during which she overdosed on painkillers that she had snuck into the hospital. Dr. Nowzaradan was able to save her life, but she lost his trust.

Charity’s Reconciliation with Charly

In 2020, Charity and Charly reconciled after a period of estrangement. Charly had lost 90 pounds on her own and was engaged and pregnant with her first child. Charity moved back to Iowa and stopped drinking, starting Dr. Nowzaradan’s program again. By the end of the episode, she was under 300 pounds.

Charity’s journey on My 600-lb Life has been a rollercoaster of triumph and tragedy. She has faced many obstacles along the way, but her determination to overcome her addiction to food and alcohol has inspired others. Her daughter, Charly, has also made incredible progress in her weight loss journey, and her success shows that it is never too late to make a change. We look forward to seeing what the future holds for Charity and her family.

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