Why did Prince William and Kate Middleton get back together?

Prince William and Kate Middleton were not committed until 2010, but it appears that they had promised each other a long time ago.

Do you remember what the press called her “Waity Katie”? That one small amount of information makes the rude nickname that the press gave Kate Middleton even more frustrating – especially since it was untrue. A royal biographer claims that Kate Middleton knew that in the end of 2007 she would stand next to Prince William, the future King of England, as his wife.

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Prince William may have promised to marry Kate Middleton after their 2007 break up

Remember that Kate met Wills in college in 2001, although she didn’t start dating right away. After forging a friendship and getting to know each other, the two quietly started a romantic relationship. But it wasn’t long before the press discovered their secret and ruthlessly pursued Kate Middleton.

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One of the biggest topics for coverage? Their major disintegration in 2007, when Prince William apparently said it was “not fair to her” if they stayed together because he had doubts about their future together. But not long after, the broken bronze came to his senses when he realized how much he missed her.

Speaking of the breakup later, Prince William said: “We were both very young. It was in college, we were both finding ourselves as such and different characters and things, it was trying very hard to find our own way and we grew on. “

Kate added that the breakup made her a stronger person and also made their relationship stronger.

Why did Prince William and Kate Middleton get back together?

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There were rumors that Kate Middleton and Prince William returned together because of jealousy. Presumably Kate was photographed as he spent time with “a handsome heir to a British shipping fortune.” Prince William was also seen with several other women while the couple was at rest.

But there may be another reason why their romance is re-lit. Royal biographer Katie Nicholl, who wrote The Making of a Royal Romance, says that Prince William vowed to marry Kate immediately after they got back together. She wrote:

“I suppose none of us knew that [she] and William had actually entered into a secret pact to marry in 2007 after they met after their second major breach. And we know this is a very good couple in keeping secrets.

So really, Kate last laughed because she has her prince. “

If that’s true, it might have been the deciding factor why she finally gave her ex a new chance.

Why didn’t Prince William and Kate Middleton get engaged right away?

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If the couple were back together in 2007 and they had promised a marriage commitment to each other, why were they engaged only three years later? Well, it’s complicated.

When the couple was reunited, the press again had a field day speculating on when the engagement would take place, again putting pressure on the relationship. It is very likely that Prince William wanted to wait for the madness to subside before asking the question. With engagement, timing is everything.

Moreover, the couple were a bit young at the time and undoubtedly wanted to make a lifelong commitment. Even if they had verbally promised their allegiance, they probably wanted to wait a while before planning a grand royal wedding.

The only thing Prince William wants to avoid is to divorce and attack his public image as his father, Prince Charles, did. It is understandable that he would take all precautionary measures to ensure that he married the right woman.

It sounds like that’s exactly what he did!

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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