Why Did Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo “Break Up” On Double Shot At Love?

Why Did Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo “Break Up” On Double Shot At Love?

Although Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo had a pretty rough start after he sent her away in the first season of Double Shot at Love, things started to heat up when they reunited in season two and snuck off on a one-on-one date that ended up in the bedroom. Although many other women had their eyes on Vinny Guadagnino, he only had eyes for Maria from the beginning. DJ Pauly D and Nikki finally got their happy ending, but Vinny shocked viewers when he chose to stay single in the season 2 finale.

Fans were left wondering what happened between the would-be couple, who will be seen again in season 3.

Why Did Vinny Guadagnino and Maria Elizondo “Break Up” On Double Shot At Love?

Vinny Guadagnino’s elimination in Season 1 Episode 8 didn’t stop Maria from returning to Double Shot at Love for another chance to win the Jersey Shore star’s heart.

At the start of the season, they agreed to keep things low-key, and in the closing moments of season 2, Vinny was true to his word. Maria was blindsided in the season 2 finale when Vinny decided to go solo, but their love affair wasn’t over. According to Vinny, they have kept in touch since the end of the season but “it’s hard to get on the same page”.

Earlier this year, Vinny Guadagnino was seen flirting with Maria on Instagram. In one comment, Vinny even suggested they get married.

It’s unclear if Vinny Guadagnino was trolling or hinting at his upcoming performance of Double Shot at Love, but fans think their love story may finally come true in Season 3 – unlike Vinny’s relationship with Season 1 winner Alysse Joyner.

Vinny Guadagnino chose Alysse at the end of season 1, but things between the former couple went sour right after filming ended.

On Twitter, Alysse accused Vinny of lying after he blamed his lack of communication with her on MTV rules. But apparently Alysse didn’t believe it. It didn’t take long before rumours surfaced that Vinny had been secretly communicating with Maria.

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