Why Haven’t Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Revealed Their Baby’s Name Yet?

It is finally time to forget all the conspiracy theories about Baby Sussex that continued to appear from those seeking desperate media attention. With the royal birth officially announced on the morning of May 6, 2019, here in the states, we now know that the royal baby is a Taurus boy, and hopefully not a royal bull. One thing is still in the air about the baby’s name.

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At the moment, Harry and Meghan have still not made a decision about the boy’s name, which could open the doors to more conspiracy theories about creating something unusual.

Let’s look at the truth why they didn’t do this. Fortunately there is enough logic to continue in the royal family.

The name reveal will come in a couple of days

Harry revealed that they are planning to announce the name of Baby Sussex in a few days. He also said they were still choosing a name. However, what happens if Harry and Meghan decide to wait longer than two days? It is more than understandable why they did not take a name into account, despite the fact that they would have the time.

When you see all the chaos they’ve had to endure in the past year, it’s a miracle that they had the time to even think about the simplest tasks. They’ve probably spent more time dealing with security at Frogmore Cottage (let alone the move time), plus devising a strategy for outsmarting an ever-furious paparazzi.

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While some may think that Harry was making a joke, they had not chosen a name, the above reasons and more are probably the reason. Everyone should give them more time to think about the name, as it will be a part of future history.

What’s in a name?

It is probably too obvious to quote Shakespeare’s “What in a name?” To quote from Romeo & Juliet. Although Bill Shakespeare understood the importance of names, Harry and Meghan clearly know that the name Baby Sussex is probably the most important in the entire Windsor line.

There is no exaggeration to the idea that Baby Sussex is already the most famous baby in the world. Being a boy also makes it more problematic because there have been countless famous members of the royal house with common male British names that the royal family of old would want to forget.

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For those who hoped they would have a girl and call her Diana, girls’ names are now thrown into the air. It is also not really possible to give a male version of the name Diana, unless they went with Daniel as a variation. We even suggested using Diana’s last name (Spencer).

Based on scant clues, they may think about two royal names, usually associated with positive history.

Would Arthur or James be too standard?

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According to some sources, they might just stick to traditional names like the two that you see above. When you think of Arthur, you think of King Arthur, a safe bet that comes more from the legend than from real history. James is also very distinguished thanks to the arrival of the Bible.

Beyond these theories, let’s remember that Harry and Meghan clearly want to do things their way. One idea why they didn’t name their baby is that they are actually telling us they want independence and want some private time first.

Based on their reported secure fortified cottage, they can get that privacy for a short time. But again, during the time Baby Sussex first appears in front of the cameras, the media frenzy will burst like an atomic bomb.

Whichever name Harry and Meghan choose, it is probably the most written name in recent history. Perhaps it will be even more written when he reinvents who the royal family really is thanks to parents who want the same thing.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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