Why is Jenelle Evans launching a Twitch account?

Jenelle Evans may have been blacklisted from Hollywood, but you can’t keep her away from social media. The mother in trouble with three apparently plans to move her career on social media to a new platform; Nervousness. Jenelle Evans , who has the name JLEason on Twitch, announced that she would play live video games and answer fans’ questions.

What is Twitch?

Twitch is a streaming video platform that allows gamers to connect with fans while they play their favorite games. According to Tech Crunch, Twitch is a spin-off from Justin.TV, a platform that was developed in 2007 to connect streamer with target groups. Justin.TV was divided into categories, but when it became clear that the video games category was growing exponentially faster than everyone else, it was converted into its own entity.

Amazon bought Twitch in 2014 for $ 970 million, according to CNBC. Twitch now works as a subsidiary of the company. From 2018, the site had more than 2 million unique broadcasters and 15 million unique daily visitors, according to Tech Crunch.

Why is Jenelle Evans launching a Twitch account?

Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans

Jenelle Evans lost a substantial revenue stream when she was kicked out of the Teen Mom 2 line-up. For court documentation, she claimed she earned more than $ 400,000 a year to film the reality TV show. The second she pulled out of the queue lost most of her income.

Fans have long wondered if the TV personality would be destroyed without the support of MTV, but it seems that she is working on finding other ways to make money without getting a job of 9 to 5. Jenelle Evans is not only planning to launch a makeup line, but she has also started posting videos on YouTube.

Twitch seems to be another spring in her supplementary income plan. Eason, who was reportedly a welder when he met Evans, has not retained a traditional job since he appeared on Teen Mom 2, so it goes without saying that the family needs some money. Can Jenelle Evans really become a Twitch streamer?

Is Twitch a viable income stream for the mother of three?

Twitch is a viable income stream for its top players. According to TubeFilter, the top streamers on the platform make more than enough to support themselves. Jeremy Wang, who goes by the screen name DisguisedToast on the platform, revealed that his “basic” salary is around $ 20,000 a month. Extra income is generated through endorsements, advertisements and sponsorship.

Tyler Blevins, who is nicknamed “Ninja”, is the number 1 ranked Twitch streamer according to Social Blade. He is supposed to collect nearly $ 500,000 per month streaming gameplay from popular games such as Fortnite from the service.

While the top players can certainly earn enough to survive and thrive,
Jenelle Evans is unlikely to find the same success. Not only is the mother of three not so well known for her gameplay, but her current demography is not that of Twitch. If she hopes to finish her reality TV career in Twitch-star, it will be a tough fight. A few days after the announcement of her channel, she had only collected 800 followers. Evans currently has no streams or clips on her profile.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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