Why People Are Ditching the Top Sheets on Their Beds

What kind of sleeper are you? No, we don’t mean “stomach” or “sleeper” – we mean you’re the type to sleep with 800 blankets and pillows on the bed? Or someone who thinks the less the better?

If you are the last, you will like this news. Maybe you are already sticking to it. We have a way to make sheets even easier, but that has become a fairly popular trend.

It has recently become clear that many people have started removing their tops. Do you know that annoying thin poor excuse for an extra blanket that sticks out above your sheets? Yes, people are no longer working on it and have just stopped adding to their beds.

Does that floppy sheet do anything but confused in your feet and adds an extra step to bed?

Although it seems that that is the only function, it actually has a purpose. Or at least earlier.

Originally, the top sheet was placed there as a protector on your blanket, duvet cover, quilt, or when your body gets dirty. It acted as a barrier between you and the blanket that is rarely washed.

But the thing is, it’s actually not even necessary if you wash your blankets as regularly as you would on the top layer … what people do nowadays. It becomes increasingly easier to throw those who are in the laundry once or twice a week instead of adding that thin top layer when you make your bed every day.

How often should you washing your bedding

Although many people do not have many feelings about losing their top magazines, there are some who really feel very strong about it. These people find it difficult to find the ‘right’ way in which they always know how to make a bed and do not believe that this should be changed.

“A good bed requires a bottom sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, and basically you have to put a sort of topsheet like a bedspread. That’s the old-fashioned way,” says Suzanne Pollak, founder of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits,

Moreover, Pollak says that an upper layer actually works to keep you cooler during hot summer temperatures. “If it is very hot outside, sleeping with nothing above you is not really the best option,” she says. “An upper layer collects cooler air like an air conditioner.”

Okay, that’s fair. However, it appears that many people do not really care much about it and save much more in simplicity and time when making the bed. According to a study by the LA-based Parachute brand, nearly 40 percent of their customers only want a bottom sheet, not a top and bottom.

You can do what you want with your linen, but personally we don’t see why this top is needed and dumped it a long time ago! What about you – are you a pro or anti top magazine? What do you think the pros and cons of each are?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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