Why Prince Harry’s friends don’t like Meghan Markle

Because of all external appearances, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a fairytale romance. The couple may seem to come from two completely different worlds, but together they look wonderfully in love. Is it all rainbows and butterflies, or is it all for the show?

If recent reports are correct, Prince Harry may be in hot water with his friends. Some have stated that old friends of the Prince Meganne Markle actually don’t like it.

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This all comes to light after the release of the CBS special, Meghan and Harry Plus One. In the show a couple of Markle’s friends dropped the bomb. Here’s what we know about the disturbing reason why Prince Harry’s friends hate Meghan Markle.

Prince Harry before Meghan Markle

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Before we discuss the reason why his friends don’t like her, it’s important to know what he was like before they met. Prince Harry was a good guy, but he also had problems. Losing his mother at a young age was difficult enough, let alone the almost constant memory of his loss by the media.

He was incredibly close to his mother, the late Princess Diana. And he looks a lot like her. Both did not like being the center of attention and neither of them liked being followed by guards and paparazzi.

He spent about two decades avoiding his feelings, and that led to some really bad choices. Almost all of his misconduct happened while he was with his friends.

He was with his old friends when photos were leaked to the press of him who was stripping in Vegas, the time he dressed up as a Nazi, and the time he was caught cheating at school. His father, Prince Charles, even sent him to the rehab clinic, but only for one day. What’s so different about him that his friends hate Meghan Markle?

Finding love can change a person

Prince Harry is certainly not the first man in history to change after his marriage, and that is exactly what happened. The truth is that marriage alone is a way to change people. It is in the decision to spend the rest of your life with another person who changes your view of almost everything.

In this case he fell in love with someone who does things very differently than he is used to. Meghan Markle does not believe in burying feelings; she believes in therapy. Meghan Markle is also a great advocate of self-care, which is why she gets up so early every day. She practices yoga and believes in naturopathy to stay healthy.

Now that Prince Harry has adopted many of these habits, he is much less self-destructive. To make his good choices even more valuable, the fact is that he is a father. Now he has a son who watches every movement, which is much more important than the watchful eye of the audience.

Why Prince Harry’s friends don’t like Meghan Markle

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According to Insider, the reason that Prince Harry’s friends hate Meghan Markle is alarming. They don’t like that he’s done partying. For a long time they were allowed to party with royalties, and that had to come with lots of fun and extras.

Now that Prince Harry has settled down, they don’t see him that often and when they do, it is probably not nearly as fun. He is no longer a bachelor. His life has finally begun and he is beginning to process his grief.

His old friends may wish the good old days, but if you ask us, they may want to start their own lives and find their own happiness.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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