Why some royal fans believe that Princess Diana had a secret daughter

The whole world is aware of the children of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Since the time that Prince William and Prince Harry were born, it seems that everyone is obsessed with learning everything about the two boys.

We watched as they first appeared outside St.Mary’s Hospital with their parents after birth, we watched them grow up, go to school, get married and eventually have children.

With the media constantly watching every movement of the royal family, it is hard to imagine that they might have secrets. However, many people believe that there is great royal news that Princess Diana was not even aware of.

So what’s this secret? Well, many people believe that Princess Diana actually had a secret daughter before she gave birth to William. If this were true, how could she have a daughter and not know about it? This is why some royal fans believe that Princess Diana had a secret daughter.

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The story behind the rumor

Before Queen Elizabeth II allowed Prince Charles to marry Princess Diana, she had to ensure that Diana would be able to produce an heir to the throne. So Diana went to the fertility doctor and got one of her eggs.

To determine if she was able to have a baby, the doctor had to fertilize it with Charles’ sperm. After the egg was fertilized, the doctor had to destroy the embryo.

According to Daily Mail, it is rumored that the doctor did not destroy the embryo as instructed. Instead, he picked up the embryo and implanted it in his wife, so his wife didn’t know she was a surrogate for Charles and Diana’s child.

The child allegedly born as a result of that embryo was called Sarah. When Sarah was twenty, both her parents died tragically and she had discovered that she was born as a result of IVF and that her parents had received a donated embryo.

When Sarah tried to find her biological parents, she reportedly received death threats from an unknown source and was so scared that she moved to America.

Many people were disappointed that Sarah was unable to find out the truth about her birth until after Princess Diana died. Because Diana always liked being around children and allegedly wanted a daughter, people who believed that this story wished she had the chance to meet Sarah.

Why some royal fans believe that Princess Diana had a secret daughter

For years there have been whispers about Diana’s secret daughter. Most people wrote it off as nothing more than a crazy rumor. But recently the Globe had published a photo of the mysterious Sarah and people were able to comment quickly on the fact that the young woman seemed shockingly similar to Princess Diana.

Those who had been skeptical about the rumor now began to reconsider that there might be some truth, the story that was always considered nothing more than a myth.

Could there be some truth to the rumors?

Although it is undeniable that this woman shows a striking resemblance to Princess Diana, there is still not much chance that the woman is the deceased Diana’s daughter. There has long been a theory that every person in the world has at least seven other people who are like them.

Although that theory has never really been proven, if you do a quick Google search, you will find different websites that are designed to identify different known look-alikes. So apparently it looks like someone is in no way demonstrating a kind of biological relationship.

Princess Diana had also told her friend that she “had to be checked out” before she could marry Prince Charles, but there is no question of a fertilized embryo. This does not mean that the doctor still could not have put Diana ‘s egg somewhere and later used it in an IVF procedure, but not only would that have been unethical, it would also have been illegal and caught stealing a royal embryo would certainly be accompanied by quite serious legal consequences.

The ‘story’ continues …

In 2011, Nancy E. Ryan wrote a fiction book entitled The Disappearance of Olivia. The book is about a woman named Olivia, who has always honored Princess Diana. When she grows up, she discovers that she was actually the child of Princess Diana after someone was secretly implanted with the royal embryo.

Many people believe that this whole rumor started because of that book. It is possible that after some read the book, they desperately wanted the story to be true, so that they could bring life back to “The People’s Princess” in a certain way.

The royal family has yet to respond to the rumor, and until they do, there is no way to know for sure whether this mysterious woman actually shares part of Diana’s DNA.

But even without confirmation from the royal palace, it is safe to say that the chance is small that this story is in any way factual.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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