Why was Prince William linked to Emma Parker Bowles?

After eight years of marriage and three children, it’s hard to imagine Prince William marrying anyone except Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Despite the ever-present deceptive rumors refusing to die, the couple seems stronger than ever lately. It is clear that Prince William made the right decision when he chose his wife.

However, it could easily have taken a different course if the circumstances had changed. Although he had been dating Kate Middleton for a while, there were other love interests in Prince William’s life. And now a royal biographer has made the courageous claim that he may have been interested in the niece of his stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles.

Why was Prince William linked to Emma Parker Bowles?

Why was Prince William linked to Emma Parker Bowles?

The woman in question is Emma Parker Bowles, who is a little older than Prince William (she is 44, he is 36). Her parents are Richard Eustace Parker Bowles and Camilla Younger, which makes her the cousin of Camilla Parker Bowles.

Author Andrew Morton explained in the book William and Catherine that the Duke of Cambridge was already associated with Emma in 1999, just before meeting his future wife, Kate Middleton.

The sun reported that an insider of the palace caught Prince William “full of admiration for Emma,” who was 17 when he was 17. Another source said in 1999: “He looked lovingly at Emma and she hung his word.”

“Sometimes he stares at her so admiringly that it gets a little embarrassing. He looks like a young man falling in love every inch.”

Why was Prince William linked to Emma Parker Bowles?

The relationship would have been controversial

It is clear that there is a huge difference between a teenage boy looking at a beautiful woman and an adult man choosing the woman to rule next to him. Even if Prince William felt an attraction for Emma Parker Bowles, it is highly unlikely that the relationship would have worked out.

In the first place, Prince William spent some time making peace with his father’s wife and mistress Camilla. In the beginning, both William and Harry felt unfaithful to be with her and as if they were betraying their mother, Princess Diana. Dating her cousin would have increased this debt.

Why was Prince William linked to Emma Parker Bowles?

Prince William and Emma Parker Bowles wouldn’t have made a good match

Years later, it is easy to see that the Duke of Cambridge and his stepmother’s niece would never have survived as a couple. Emma is now a working journalist and TV anchor plus struggled with drugs and alcohol in the past. She claimed that she had inherited alcoholic tendencies from her family.

If that’s true, a union between Emma Parker Bowles and Prince William would have caused far too many scandals and drama for the royal family. It sounds like they are much better suited as acquaintances.

Why was Prince William linked to Emma Parker Bowles?

And that is exactly what they are. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge invited Camilla to their wedding ceremony in 2011, which surprised Emma. “I was surprised because I know he didn’t invite many people,” she explained to E!

“I think he was just starting out as a nice person. In that situation you could see how he might have turned out to be a real brat, but he couldn’t get any farther and has much more humility than many people I know.”

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