Wife’s Cheating ‘Exposed’ As DNA Test Reveals Twins Have Different Dads

The infidelity of a woman was recently revealed when a DNA test showed that her two twins actually had different fathers.

The ‘one in a million’ case was reported by the authorities of the city in China when the woman registered the births. She had applied for a paternity test in Xiamen so that she could register. However, the results were far from what anyone expected.

One of the twins belonged to her husband, while the other twins were strikingly conceived by another man.

It is known as a “double pregnancy” or “heteropaternal superfecundation,” in which two or more eggs released in the same cycle are fertilized by sperm from different fathers.

The woman had clearly kept her adulterous manners under control, while her husband believed – as you would – that both twins were his.

However, the father had wondered why the twins were not alike, according to the Chinese newspaper Strait Herald. As the newspaper reported, a child had different eyes, mouth and nose and it did not resemble the father in any way.

Of course, the man had believed the children were twins, but had never questioned the possibility of not being the biological father of one of them.

The paternity test is a routine part of the legal process of the city and necessary to register the babies.

However, when the anomaly was discovered, the woman initially tried to blame her husband and accused him of tampering with the test results.

In the end, however, she confessed that she was cheating and said she had been with another man for the night.

According to doctors, the rare case of heteropaternal superfecundation means that the woman should have had s.x with both men for a few days at a time.

The strange case of the twins-but-not-twins was made public by the Fujian Zhengtai Judicial Authentication Center in Xiamen, reports The Sun.

The director of the centre, Ms Zhang, said:

This is a very special case. It means that the woman had sexual relations with two men – and was impregnated by them at the same time.

They are two-egg twins. A very rare and rare case.

Talking about the couple’s relationship after the surprising revelation, Zhang added that the couple “sorted out the issue themselves.”

According to reproductive scientist Michael Carroll, heteropaternal superfecundation is extremely rare in humans, although it is fairly common in dogs, cats and cattle.

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