Will Discovery’s ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Be Renewed For Season 15?

Will Discovery’s ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Be Renewed For Season 15?

In 2014, “Alaskan Bush People” premiered, in which Billy and Ami Brown live with their seven children in the Alaskan wilderness. To date, the show has seen the family through many adventures and hard times in the bush, three marriages, the death of Billy Brown, the birth of a handful of Browns, and a variety of ailments among family members. Much of the charm of the series, however, lies in what goes on behind the scenes. While the family shares personal information on the show, there are many things going on behind the cameras that viewers don’t always find out about, or only find out about months later.

For example, Matt Brown left the show unceremoniously after some personal problems and is now doing his own thing without reality TV. No one has officially said why he left the show, and the family doesn’t even seem to be talking about him.

Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown has also disappeared for a while; apparently he was living on a boat with his girlfriend, a former Discovery producer. Fans were somewhat critical of his absence from the series, suggesting that he was living on yachts while his family ‘pretended’ to be Bush people.

Will Discovery’s ‘Alaskan Bush People’ Be Renewed For Season 15?

Although Discovery could theoretically end the series at any time, this does not seem likely. Despite the fact that Alaskan Bush People shares a geographical location with other Discovery series, it is very different from anything else on the air. The Brown family has a unique charm, although many critics complain that the family seems not that they necessarily are rather uneducated; the family’s “accent” is often a point of contention.

But even though the series is full of quirks, viewers will watch it again and again. Even the legal problems of the family and the relationship drama which aren’t actually discussed in the series seem to draw people in.

Even with tge quasi-competitor Alaska: The Last Frontier, Alaskan Bush People stands on its own. In addition, recent developments during the premiere of season 14 suggest that there is even more material for new episodes in the series. First, there were Snowbird’s health problems, which kicked off the season with some drama.

But Noah Brown, who plans to return to Alaska with his wife and growing family, also made a statement. In one episode, Noah was treated to an Alaskan exploration and inspection of properties that might suit his family. Snowbird and Rain also returned to Alaska with her brother, which for Snowbird was part of her grieving process for Billy.

As the family continues to adjust to life without the patriarch, it is clear that things will change. But that’s part of what makes the Alaska Bush People reliable and quality reality TV entertainment.

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