Will Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour film their wedding for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

Will Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour film their wedding for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’

Summer is over, but we still have memories that will last a lifetime. As the Christmas season approaches, Bachelor Nation prepares for a new beginning of the ABC franchise. However, we can’t help remembering all the lovely couples trained in Bachelor in Paradise Season 6, including Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour. The couple got along right away, and to anyone’s surprise, Dylan Barbour and Hannah Godwin got engaged at the end of the season. And frankly, everyone hopes to see the BIP couple celebrate their nuptials in the future. But will Godwin and Barbour’s wedding be filmed for Bachelor in Paradise? The stars of reality only gave their answer.

How are Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour doing after ‘BIP’?

Following the BIP Season 6 finale, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour opened up about their engagement when speaking with People. And of course, the couple was head over heels for one another.

“We are both so overjoyed to experience this [engagement] chapter together,” Hannah Godwin said. “Especially since the first chapter was pretty quick. We’re really excited to enjoy being engaged.”

Now, it seems nothing has changed between Hannah Godwin and Barbour. In an interview with Hannah Godwin on Nov. 14, the model gushed over her future husband and her whirlwind year.

“I’m mind-blown,” Hannah Godwin said. “A year ago I was filming [The Bachelor], now I have a fiancé and he’s the best guy ever. When I was on the show I had no concept of the amount of people that watched and the amount of people that get invested in this.”

Will Godwin and Barbour film their wedding for ‘Bachelor in Paradise’?

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Invested, indeed. Many fans have expressed their desire to watch Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour’s wedding whenever they decide to die the knot, hoping the nuptials will be filmed and televised during Bachelor in Paradise. However, it seems Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour won’t be going down the same path as Chris Randone and Krystal Nielson during the sixth season of the ABC series.

“We’ll share sneak peeks for sure, but I think I’d keep it private,” Hannah Godwin told People. “We loved sharing our relationship with the world, but I think our favorite moments are just by ourselves and not having to show anybody or prove to anybody who we are or anything. So I think we might just keep it private.”

Hannah Godwin also echoed his statement when speaking with E! News. And, ultimately, the model wants to share her special wedding moment with her closest friends and family. And according to the publication, this includes all Bachelor in Paradise couples.

“I just want it to be us. We want it to be private and the crudest version of us, ”he said. “And I like that things and certain parts of ourselves are transmitted, we love to share those moments. But for something so big … we want it to be family and friends. “

Dylan Barbour also hinted that they have shown enough of their relationship throughout BIP. “We share a ton with Bachelor in Paradise and now we just want to focus on us,” he said. “I think it will be a super small wedding and then maybe we will have a larger reception.”

When will ‘BIP’ stars Godwin and Barbour get married?

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For now, it seems like a wedding date for Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour will be determined at another time. The two are simply enjoying their time as an engaged couple. Plus, they still have to move in together. Dylan Barbour currently lives in San Diego and Hannah Godwin is in Los Angeles.

“The plan in the future is to obviously move in together,” Barbour told E! News. “Then we’ll figure it out.”

Hannah Godwin added: “We talked about it and everything [but] we don’t have a date or anything, so we’re just doing us. We have an engagement party in the works but we don’t know a lot of details, it’s a surprise.”

Meanwhile, in the above interview with People, Hannah Godwin admitted they haven’t even begun wedding planning.

“We’re not in the planning stages yet,” she said. “We’re enjoying doing normal people stuff because we’re both normal people.”

That said, Hannah Godwin still has an idea of what she wants, saying she already knows how she’ll pick the perfect wedding dress.

“I’m such an emotional person,” Hannah Godwin said. “Whenever I try on something, as soon as I start bawling crying, that’s the one. I don’t know if I’ll even go the fashion route — I might just go emotional, which is fine with me.”

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