Will Meghan Markle post on her Instagram herself?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have recently opened their joint venture Instagram account as an official forum to share important things with them. What we don’t know yet is how they will use this account, especially Meghan who has social media experience. Although we know she had to close her previous, personal and professional Instagram accounts, who would say she won’t find any detours to use this account to receive messages?

After all, using Instagram to communicate with the general public is a smart venture for most people in business or entertainment. For a royal, it’s not always allowed, but it seems that Megna and Harry won’t stop trying.

Let’s look at what Meghan’s new Instagram could do to help her, sometimes astonishing, controversial image.

Meghan Markle may realize she’s not as popular as she thinks

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Here’s something that might surprise you: Meghan is not the most favorite royal, according to a recent poll. The YouGov site recently conducted a royal popularity poll and revealed that Harry is # 1, followed by Queen Elizabeth at # 2 and Prince William at # 3. Meghan did not reach the top 5 because Kate Middleton was fourth and Prince Philip was # 5.

Meghan came to # 6. If you are shocked, she is probably as good as she googles every time.

Will Meghan Markle’s new Instagram be a PR machine?

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Harry and Meghan should be happy that they have broken a world record for reaching a million Instagram followers in just six hours. This is an encouraging sign for Meghan, although she probably realizes that Harry’s popularity is partly the reason.

Here in America it is still hard to believe that Meghan is not as popular as her husband, considering how much we write about her. But again, many of us would like to write something positive instead of trying to analyze her family’s personal problems.

We have already wondered if Meghan could use the new Instagram account as a form of PR. Maybe she will even break the protocol and use it to straighten things out about her family. How she could handle this, this will be interesting to see.

Will Meghan Markle post on her Instagram herself?

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There is still a lot of online evidence showing how effective a writer Meghan was on her previous social media accounts. There is no question of being able to post on Instagram and being attractive, especially when addressing issues that she finds most essential.

Of course we will probably see her about causes of women’s affairs and, hopefully, many Baby Sussex once born. Would she use the platform to speak; if, however, her family in difficulty causes another riot after the royal baby enters the world?

Let’s hope she will do that without having to use assistants or courtiers to send messages. Meghan will immediately change the direction of how royals use social media as soon as they post a genuine message from her own keyboard about her family or unfounded accusations

What kind of reaction it would bring is a very different thing.

Meghan Markle is going to set a social media precedent

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It is not excluded whether Meghan uses Instagram in a more personal way. This probably doesn’t mean the same as before, where she sometimes wrote close to poetic diaries about her impressions of life.

But again, who knows what Meghan has in store. She already sets new royal precedents for what they are allowed to do. Being able to give a message to the world before a royal official tries to remove it will ultimately make the royal family human as it should be.

Now that the queen has been responding more flexibly to this evolution lately, she may have Meghan put the record on Instagram without a pulse.

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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