Will Meghan Markle’s New Hire Stop Her Family Drama?

The PR industry is still very popular, even at a time when celebrities sometimes become their own (wrong) public relations person on social media. Because the royal family is not allowed to post there, PR is definitely made for them. It is no surprise that Harry and Meghan have just recruited a professional PR representative as a form of crisis manager for Meghan’s family drama.

Now that Baby Sussex is arriving quickly, you must think that Harry and Meghan are preparing for another insane attack. However, only a very competent PR professional would take over some of this complex problem.

Look who they hired and see what her qualifications are as a harbinger of what is to come.

The PR rep they hired worked for the Clintons

If the name Sara Latham appears familiar, you may have heard it was spoken three years ago when Hillary Clinton became president again. Latham was Hillary’s campaign consultant during the 2016 campaign, and the former also worked for President Bill Clinton in the late 1990s.

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But bring British, she is probably better known on the other side of the pond in the UK. Those political connections were probably first noticed by Harry and Meghan. They undoubtedly had to consult to find out who they could hire to defend their interests as well as possible and perhaps to facilitate family peace with Thomas and Samantha Markle.

Some might look at this fear, given that Latham was hired to clear up a few scandals for the Clintons. However, she did so with praise, and having a politically oriented PR person is undoubtedly a good idea for Harry and Meghan for good reason.

Being a royal really is political

Since Meghan and Harry are both going to work on politically-oriented causes, you can see why they would want Latham. British and Australian media have even accused Meghan of being very left-handed on her agenda, despite most of those views focused on feminism.

Of course Meghan’s family drama is just as political. All brouhaha above her step sister Samantha and father Thomas Markle Sr. still has people divided about whether the Duchess of Sussex is a house seeker.

Then you have the upcoming problem of Samantha Markle who is writing a “tell-all” book about Meghan. Once the royal baby is born, you can see the royal dung that hits the fan.

So what can Latham do to convince Meghan’s family to have failed or even become a peace broker?

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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