WWE Star Jerry “The King” Lawler Sues Tennessee Sheriff Over Son’s Death

Jerry Lawler, the WWE wrestler known to fans as “The King,” has chosen a new type of fight: a lawsuit against Tennessee Sheriff John Doolen about the death of his son, Brian Christopher “Grand Master Sexay” Lawler, who died by suicide while in custody of the Hardeman County Sheriff office. The case, filed July 26 in Hardeman County Court, seeks $ 3 million in damages and indefinite punitive damages for the suicide, which Lawler and his lawyer say they could have avoided. was an avoidable, “lawyer Lawrey Jeffrey Rosenblum said at a press conference Monday afternoon.” You’ve put a suicidal man in a cell with laces and bolts coming out of the wall. It makes no sense. “

Brian Lawler (hereinafter referred to as “Brian”) was declared brain dead on July 29, 2018, after hanging himself in his prison cell the night before. He was in custody in Hardeman County since July 7, 2018, after an arrest for drunk driving. The lawsuit claims that the arrest was unfair because both a blood test and a breathalyzer showed that Brian had no alcohol in his system. When a bond was set at $ 40,000, his father refused to pay it and decided to take Brian to a rehab center instead. Brian was diagnosed with a depressive disorder and had a history of drug and alcohol addiction.

Jerry Lawler (hereinafter referred to as “Lawler”) claimed that when he visited his son in prison, Sheriff Doolen seemed to have invested in Brian’s well-being. “That was the first time I met Sheriff Doolen,” Lawler said at the press conference. “It was very convincing. He brought Brian to the meeting. He said: “Brian, you need help. If you don’t believe you need help, just go to the bathroom and look at yourself. “He looked bad. I went to the bathroom with him and he started crying. “

But according to Lawler, Brian didn’t find much help for his addiction problems in the county jail. Not long after the first meeting the wrestler received a phone call from his son. “He said,” Dad, Sheriff Doolen lied. They didn’t give me help. They don’t even give me the medicine I have taken, “Lawler said at the press conference. “That was one of the last times I spoke with my son.”

When Brian was attacked by another prisoner on July 28, 2018, the lawsuit alleges that the prison had not provided him with adequate medical care, “despite Brian having a significant open wound around his eye and encouraging prison staff to take him to the hospital for a suspected concussion. “Instead, they placed him in a solitary confinement cell and left Brian’s two laces and some big bolts sticking out of the wall. In the complaint, Rosenblum claims that the prison did not assess Brian for suicide risk, even though they knew his medical history and that Brian had tried suicide twice before, in 2013 and 2015. “Not only does the above set of facts constitute a gross deviation from the accepted standard of care from the perspective of healthcare liability,” the file reads, “but it forms also a violation of civil rights by all suspects. “

While in lonely, Brian repeatedly cried for help, the complaint states, but was ignored. A correction officer, William Gonzalez, also named as defendant in the case, told investigators that he saw what Brian seemed to be with a towel over his head, standing on a concrete bench in his cell under one of the wall bolts. Instead of checking it out, Gonzalez took out the garbage. Minutes later, Gonzalez noted that Brian had not moved and asked a colleague to take a look. After two officers looked into the cell, they decided to open the door and found Brian hanging on his shoelaces. They cut him down with a pair of scissors. He was taken out of living the next morning.

Jerry Lawler

After the wrestler’s death, Mark Davidson, a prosecutor from Tennessee, requested a criminal investigation. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, which conducted this investigation, declined to comment for this story, but reportedly shared some of their results with Lawler and his lawyer. Representatives from the Hardeman County Sheriff office did not respond to requests for comment. “They knew it was coming,” said Rosenblum. “No responsibility has been accepted. No attempt has been made to settle this matter. “

Lawler, a veteran struggling with Hall of Famer, made his name as The King of Memphis in the 1970s and 1980s. He started as a “heel” (wrestling jargon for the “bad guy”) before turning into a “face” (the “good guy”), and became a fast star with over 200 titles and a long-false feud with comedian Andy Kaufman. In 1992, Lawler withdrew from struggling to become a commentator, where he became famous for the howling of “puppies!” With female wrestlers with large breasts. Like his father, Brian Lawler was also a professional wrestler, who first acted as a masked artist named “Nebula” before adopting the name “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher, and later “Grand Master Sexay”.

During their wrestling career, father and son Lawlers often publicly rattled about their relationship, sometimes denying that they were family; harboring bitter resentment in others. In a 2011 WWE Raw episode, according to Bleacher Report, Lawler responded to one of Brian’s contests and took the side of his opponent and called Brian a “bigger messed up than Charlie Sheen.” In response, the son marched to the announcement desk, and slapped his father in the face.

But the kayfabe was over at the press conference Monday. The family solemnly sat around the counter of Rosenblum’s law firms and answered questions from reporters. Brian’s mother and Lawler’s first wife, Kay McPherson, softly and deliberately told the crowd that she wanted to help prevent another family from continuing what she had experienced. “We are a grieving family and we keep trying to help each other get through,” she said. “I think about him every day. You think of him when you go to bed at night. You think of him when you wake up in the morning. You think about him all day. “

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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