Young and the Restless Recaps: Chloe Snaps Over Chelsea’s Reunion With Adam, Asks Billy to Intervene

Young and the Restless Recaps: Chloe Snaps Over Chelsea’s Reunion With Adam, Asks Billy to Intervene

At Jabot, Lola appears with a cake and yells Jack and Summer, “Surprise!” Summer presents Kyle with a framed picture of them as children. Jack has a hockey signature coming up. Kyle thanks them and is about to make a wish when Theo comes in. He’s not mad at being shut out and has a gift for Kyle – the latest social media numbers are through the roof. Jack is happy and Kyle understands that it is the best present ever. Lola pulls Kyle out and points out that she let it go when the summer gift bothered her – she suggests he does the same with Theo. Kyle kisses her goodbye. He returns to the office when Theo admires Kyle and Summer’s picture.

At Grand Phoenix, Chloe chides that Billy’s back to the man they all know and love. He thinks, “Which Billy is that? Which Billy Abbott
do you want me to be this time?” They sit and Chloe tells Billy that Delia’s got a new brother or sister. Billy Abbott congratulates her and wonders what her secret is to be so happy. Chloe admits that sometimes she still cries to sleep and asks if he’s okay. Billy thinks he’s a work in progress.

Chelsea appears and Chloe goes to her. Billy Abbott starts texting Victoria, but removes it and contacts Amanda instead. At the bar, Chelsea cuddles Chloe when she learns she is pregnant, and says she has news too. Chloe guesses that she and Nick are getting married, but Chelsea says they’ve split up – she and Adam give it another chance. Chloe’s sedated – he’s broken her heart more than once! Chelsea insists that Adam has changed, but Chloe claims he hasn’t, and he’s a sociopath. She’s calling Billy to convince her. Billy only talks to Chelsea. She explains the attraction between them despite the dark history. Billy feels it’s her life, she gets to choose how she wants to live it. Na, Chloe’s disappointed with Billy’s approach and complains Chelsea’s “truth” is insanely wrong. He says insanity is overrated.

At the Society, Abby informs Elena her pickup order has been cancelled then gestures to Devon, who’s set up a real date in the dining room. They hold hands and talk about Sasha and Joy moving into the apartment thanks to New Hope. Elena has an idea how she can help more, but doesn’t want to exaggerate. Devon encourages her to share. Elena talks about placing a clinic in the building for the residents. Devon loves it.

When Elena answers a phone call, Abby joins Devon, who reports that they haven’t found Colin and don’t know why Amanda has stayed in town. Abby shrugs his shoulders. She’s been a model guest. She wonders if Cane should be the one investigating his father. Devon involved the FBI and Interpol. Abby talks about Chance and reveals they’re dating. He’s starting a Genoa City security company. Elena rejoins Devon, who has another great idea. He calls Chance to offer him a job to keep an eye on Amanda Sinclair.

Victor’s disappointed Adam Connor didn’t visit the ranch. What Adam needs to discuss may not be right for him to hear. Victor knows Chelsea and Nick broke up and thinks she’s going back to Adam, who confirms he has his family back. Victor muses on her history of the revival, but Adam insists she chose him a long time ago.

Victor marvels at his lack of humility. Adam is there to talk about Connor – he wants him to have a good relationship with Victor, but he wants to make sure they’re not excluded from the holiday. Victor reminds him that he has pulled strings to get Connor back into Walnut Grove. Adam reacts that they’re exploring other options. Victor asks if Chelsea is stable – she’s a crook and a thief. Adam warns him to stop. Victor claims Chelsea is who she is and will do what she’s always done. Adam will break every rule in the book to protect his family – he learned that from him. Victor grins, “Good luck, my boy.”

Written by Tommy Kilmer

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