’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’

'90 Day Fiance The Other Way'

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Part 1 of the Tell All special contained the seasonal couples that were reunited and provided relationship updates, but meanwhile the drama exploded and revelations surfaced – including Aladin Jallali who allegedly told Laura Jallali that he wanted to separate.

The Tell-All broadcast contained the following cast members who gathered in New York City together with host and mediator Shaun Robinson: Paul, a 36-year-old from Louisville, KY; Jenny Slatten, a 60-year-old from Palm Springs, CA; Tiffany Franco, a 27-year-old from Frederick, MD; Corey Rathgeber, a 31-year-old from Mill A, WA; Laura, a 51-year-old from Eustis, FL; Deavan Clegg, a 22-year-old from Salt Lake City, UT; and Jihoon Lee, a 29-year-old from Seoul, South Korea.

Jihoon was the only foreign partner who appeared in the studio.

Ronald Smith, a 29-year-old from Randfontein, South Africa; Evelin Villegas, a 26-year-old from Engabao, Ecuador; and Aladin, a 29-year-old from Doha, Qatar, all called in for the special.

Karine Martins and Sumit, a 30-year-old from New Delhi, India, did not participate at all in the reunion special.

Part 2 for 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Tell-All special will be broadcast on TLC on Monday 21 October.

Below is the latest news about each 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way pair based on Monday’s episode on TLC.


Paul only appeared at the Tell-All, without Karine, and he said he didn’t care what anyone else thought of it, because nobody knew what was going on in his personal life.

“Karine and I, we have our ups and downs. Sometimes you get frustrated and you fight, so it’s complicated,” Paul explained.

However, Paul said he missed Karine and their son Pierre and always does when they are apart.


Jenny missed Sumit and went to the Tell-All. She wished that Sumit had informed her that he was married because their relationship would have ended there and there, but she said that that is precisely why Sumit had lied to her in the first place.

Jenny said that Sumit was still under the control of his parents and family, and so if he couldn’t get into the show, she would be “destroyed.”

Jenny said she had a relationship with Sumit for seven years and never knew he was married.

The whole cast was shocked when she discovered that Sumit was married when the episode was broadcast on TLC.


Tiffany gave birth to her daughter Carley Rose just three weeks prior to the Tell-All.

Tiffany said she and Ronald were still a family, but life in the United States was “so much harder” than she could have expected without her husband by her side.

For the first time, Tiffany wanted to see Ronald hold his daughter more than anything, and she said it was hardest not to be with him.

Tiffany told the world that there was still love between Ronald and herself and that is all a couple needs to survive. Ronald said he and Tiffany worked things by calling 12 hours a day.

However, Tiffany said it was difficult to move to South Africa when she had doubts about Ronald’s previous gambling addiction and his past criminal activities.

Corey announced that it was a bad decision for Tiffany to relocate her son when Ronald had a gambling addiction and from an external perspective it seemed as if Ronald was just looking for a Green Card and wanted to go to the United States.

Evelin agreed that Tiffany should not have put her son in a relationship where the man had a gambling addiction.

Ronald lost the audio of his video chat at some point during the criticism and seemed to switch off and then restart his connection. However, it was unclear if he had just restarted his connection to resolve his audio problem, or had turned it off in frustration.

“I lost my sh-t for a moment,” Ronald said when he returned.

Ronald insisted that he had made mistakes, but corrected his mistakes for the sake of his family. Ronald said the opinion of the only person he cared about was Tiffany’s, because he loved her.

Tiffany then explained that her confidence in Ronald had been tested, just as Corey’s confidence in Evelin had been tested when she had cheated him. Tiffany’s comment closed both Evelin and Corey and left them silent.


Corey had to appear on the Tell-All without Evelin because she no longer had a visa.

“It’s hard for me to bring up something that happened in the past with Evelin, because it always causes problems that should have already been resolved, so it’s something I’m working on,” Corey told the cameras.

“It’s hard to let go of Evelin’s past because it touched me that way.”

Corey claimed that Evelin wanted him to be torn and had a six pack, otherwise she wouldn’t want to marry him. When Corey’s castmate Paul asked him what Evelin did for him in return, Corey simply said she would agree to marry him.

Corey admitted that he and Evelin crossed obstacles together and that he still adapted to life in Ecuador; however, he said they did well as a couple.

Corey said that Evelin was tired of his inability to communicate with her local friends and speak her language, but he tried.

Corey told Shaun that he and Evelin were also “planning a wedding and that they would probably get married within the next six months.” However, Evelin did not seem so optimistic about that timeline.

Evelin admitted that she wanted Corey to lose some weight before their marriage and he “did nothing” to achieve that goal.

“I was hired for a six-month extended tourist visa, which means it gives us the extra time it takes to get the ball rolling with the marriage,” Corey shared.

Evelin did not wear her engagement ring for the Tell-All and said she had completely forgotten to do that morning. Corey was a bit upset, but Evelin suggested that no one should read it.

Corey then talked about how much money he had spent on Evelin during their relationship. When he revealed that he had spent about $ 40,000-50,000 on Evelin, Jihoon joked at his castmates backstage: “Corey is rich!”

Corey noted that he had less than $ 1500 in his bank account. Corey had invested most of his money in Evelin’s bar in Ecuador, but Evelin said that if they ever broke up, they’d have to take the bar.

Corey insisted, however, that Evelin meant everything to him and that was the only thing that mattered.

Evelin was apparently used to men who paid everything for her in Latin culture.

“Do you ever doubt Evelin’s intentions?” Shaun asked Corey.

‘Not me. It’s not like she’s hiding something, “Corey commented.

After watching a 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way clip from Corey who discovered that Evelin had once had contact with their mutual friend Raul in Ecuador, Corey said he and Evelin had times when they were together and when they were not together .

Corey said that Evelin had a relationship with her ex during one of those pauses, but Evelin assured everyone that her ex who came to Ecuador during that particular break was “just a coincidence.”

“No, [I didn’t know he was coming to town],” Evelin said.

“Are you sure about that?” Corey asked his fiancé. “You didn’t know he was coming?”

“Yes, of course I am. Do you mean that now?” Evelin asked.

“Corey, I’m not going to ask you to trust me, because trust is something you deserve. So if you feel different, you can always find someone with whom you feel more comfortable.”

Corey asked Evelin exactly how she saw him at the time, and she said, “We are engaged.”

Raul then participated in the Tell-All conversation via video chat after a never-before-seen scene in which Raul admitted to Evelin that he still had “hidden feelings” for her and was jealous of seeing her with Corey.

Raul said the night they kissed each other – that was before Evelin met Corey – he had hoped that things would evolve romantically between them and that she would feel something more for him.

Evelin called Raul “ridiculous” and reminded him that she loved Corey’s unparalleled images.

“Evelin is my beloved and I will always love her. Maybe one day Evelin and I will be here in Engabao and then everything will be fine,” Raul told the cameras.

Raul told Corey that they were genuine friends. But when Corey asked Raul if he still thought the same about Evelin, Raul said that Evelin was “the prettiest girl” and “so nice”.

‘I do not know. I think I will always admire her, “Raul confessed to Corey.

Corey accused Raul of flirting with Evelin a lot, but Evelin said their flirt was “in the past” and didn’t really matter.

Corey, however, said Raul’s feelings were not in the past and it seemed that Raul was trying to break his relationship with Evelin. Raul said he wanted Evelin and Corey to be together, but if they ever broke up, he hoped for a chance with Corey’s fiance.

Raul insisted that he still respected Corey and Evelin as a couple and hoped to be Corey’s best man in his marriage.

Evelin said that her relationship with Raul was very small and insignificant because they were just kissing. But Raul admitted that he didn’t think Corey would last long in Ecuador, because after all his time there he still can’t order water for himself.

Corey wasn’t sure if he could remain Raul’s friend after all this. Raul said he was just being honest and didn’t want to be blamed for being honest.

After the segment was taped, Corey was angry and walked off the set. Corey said that Raul could no longer call himself his friend and Raul “crossed his limits”.

Corey did not trust Raul and told the cameras that there was probably no shot that Raul would be the best man in his marriage anymore.


Laura revealed that Aladin was still in Tunisia at the time and that it had not been easy.

“I’m nervous about what can come out of his mouth. He just sent me a text saying: ‘Nothing is ever good enough for you. You think you’re a princess. “I have no idea what to expect from Aladin today. I have no idea, “Laura said before the Tell-All started recording.

Laura had a hard time looking at the other happy couples. No one apparently knew what she had been through with Aladin, and she said the situation was very “embarrassing.”

Aladin accused Laura of complaining about “everything,” but he insisted that she had everything in Qatar that she needed or wanted, including WiFi, that other Americans missed in their new countries.

Laura and Aladin married nine days after their first personal meeting, but the couple was shown to continue with a traditional three-day ceremony in Tunisia on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

“I thought I had a pretty solid relationship because he was already my husband, but I didn’t know what I was going to do,” Laura said on stage.

Aladin pretended to be blinded to hear Laura’s statement.

Laura revealed that she still had her ‘purple friend’, but Aladin was tired of talking about it. Laura said she didn’t feel 100 percent satisfied in bed, but Aladin wished she had told him first instead of going out and buying a sex toy.

Aladin wanted to change the subject and accused Laura of not respecting him for everyone by rolling her eyes at him.

Laura said that Aladin had changed to another person in the week prior to their Tell-All appearance.

Laura said she was willing to sacrifice everything – including her retired, happy life in Florida – to be with Aladin, but she insisted that he should think about the decisions he makes in life.

Aladin admitted that many “bad things” had happened in recent days, and Laura added that only six weeks after their traditional wedding in Tunisia, Aladin wanted to break their commitment.

“She fights for no reason and I talk to her and she doesn’t care. It’s terrible. You don’t respect me,” Aladin claimed.

Laura couldn’t even explain what had happened, but Aladin remembered how Laura became angry with him for leaving her alone in their house for two or three hours.

Laura said she didn’t like being alone because she was bored and lonely in Qatar. During the time of Aladin she apparently went out for a cup of coffee and Aladin was angry that she didn’t tell anyone where she first went.

Laura pointed out that she couldn’t communicate with anyone because she doesn’t speak Arabic, but Aladin said that a disappearing woman is disrespectful in his culture.

“You say I am disrespectful because I went to get coffee?” Laura ventilated.

Aladin said Laura should have called or texted him first and ignored his calls. Laura did not like that she was not allowed to do things.

Laura said she cared about Aladin and fought for their marriage, but Aladin claimed she was just fighting for herself. Aladin was apparently tired of giving Laura second and third chances.

‘I’m your man. You must talk to me before you do anything, “Aladin shouted.

Laura and Aladin also fought for money and paid the rent. Laura revealed that her money had run out and could no longer pay the rent, and Aladin was angry because he had spent all his money on their wedding.

“She doesn’t care about me,” Aladin commented.

“My pension has been reduced, so are we going to end a marriage?” Laura asked.

Shaun asked Laura if her marriage really ended and Laura said she did not want to separate, but Aladin threatened to end the commitment they had made to each other six weeks ago.

“Aladin, did you tell Laura you want a divorce?” Shaun asked.

Aladin sighed and didn’t answer, but the episode ended up there on a cliffhanger.

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