90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Pineda’s Dilemma – Divorce or Wait for Her Sons?

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Pineda's Dilemma - Divorce or Wait for Her Sons?

Jasmine Pineda, from 90 Day Fiance, recently told Gino Palazzolo that she wants kids. Their marriage has been tough. They often argue. Since arriving in the U.S., divorce has been on her mind.

She found out Gino made a mistake with her K1 Visa. It was supposed to bring her sons here. Now, they need a lawyer.

However, Gino worries about the cost. This has deeply hurt Jasmine. She’s considering divorce to be with her sons in Panama if they can’t come.

The Visa error has made Jasmine question Gino’s parenting skills.

She said, “This situation is tough. My kids won’t be here for two years. My mom is sick. I just can’t think about starting a family.”

Gino thought Jasmine was being dramatic. Now, he’s worried. They haven’t talked about their issues for a week. But seeing Jasmine’s pain, he’s concerned.

Jasmine plans to tell Gino she doesn’t want kids. She’s unsure about his fathering abilities. Getting pregnant has been hard for her.

It seems Jasmine Pineda is thinking about divorce. Gino’s Visa mistake and refusal to get a lawyer have made her question his fathering potential.

She’s clear about not wanting more kids. Yet, she was willing to compromise until his big mistake.

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