Rebecca Parrott Faces Backlash for GoFundMe and Filter Use

Rebecca Parrott Faces Backlash for GoFundMe and Filter Use

Rebecca Parrott, from 90 Day Fiance Season 3 with her husband Zied Hakimi, caused a stir. She’s a 53-year-old reality star, having moved to the U.S. with Zied from Tunisia in Season 8.

She recently posted on Instagram, sharing a GoFundMe page. Her goal? To collect money for her family. They need it for legal fees. These fees are to help her grandson leave a dangerous living situation.

In her post, Rebecca appealed to fans to donate, emphasizing the need for professional legal help to ensure her grandson’s safety. However, the response from fans has been less than supportive. Many took to the comments to criticize Rebecca for asking for money despite allegedly having a significant net worth.

One fan commented, “Just wondering why you’re asking for donations when your net worth is 5 million? Anyway, I’ll be praying.” Another criticized the trend of celebrities and reality stars using GoFundMe, suggesting Rebecca’s family should contact Child Protective Services (CPS) instead.

90 Day Fiance: Skepticism and Criticism Among Fans

The skepticism didn’t end there. Some fans pointed out inconsistencies in Rebecca Parrott’s story. They noted that she had recently posted a picture with her grandson and his parents. In the picture, she was expressing gratitude for a special day. This raised questions about the urgency and authenticity of her plea for help.

Rebecca’s situation isn’t unique within the 90 Day Fiance franchise. Other cast members, such as Jasmine Pineda and Mary DeNuccio, have also faced backlash. They made fundraisers and promoted them on social media. This trend has led to growing mistrust among viewers. They are more critical of the stars’ financial solicitations.

90 Day Fiance: Controversy Over Filter Usage

In addition to the GoFundMe controversy, Rebecca Parrott has also been under fire for her frequent use of filters on social media. She and her 30-year-old husband Zied often share selfies with their followers, but Rebecca’s heavily filtered photos have not gone unnoticed.

In a recent photo shared by Zied, fans noted how youthful Rebecca appeared, prompting a wave of criticism. One commenter wrote, “Looks like a father daughter photo,” while another added, “Rebecca looks younger than Zied so funny! Like we don’t know how they look in reality.” Critics accused Rebecca of trying to look thinner and younger through the use of filters, with one saying, “Accept yourself babe. Every age has its beauty.”

Despite the negative feedback, Rebecca seems unfazed by the criticism. She continues to use filters and share photos, ignoring the detractors. Her confidence in her online presence suggests that she values her own self-expression over public opinion.

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