Miona Bell Under Fire for Steamy PDA Video with New Boyfriend

Miona Bell Under Fire for Steamy PDA Video with New Boyfriend

90 Day Fiance star Miona Bell has been sharing her new life with boyfriend Terzel Ron since her split from Jibri Bell. While many fans are happy to see Miona moving on, her latest social media post has stirred up controversy.

Miona posted a video on Instagram showing her and Terzel in a very intimate moment. The video featured Terzel kissing Miona on various parts of her body while holding her tightly. Captioned “I’m obsessed too lol,” the clip sparked mixed reactions. Many fans felt the PDA was excessive and shouldn’t be shared online. One follower commented, “This is too much to post publicly,” while another said, “They’ve gone too far.”

90 Day Fiance: Miona and Terzel: Thriving Personally and Professionally

Despite the backlash, Miona Bell and Terzel Ron’s relationship seems strong. Miona continues to thrive with her hair extension business, Miona Beauty. She often shares her entrepreneurial journey on social media, inspiring many with her success. In one Instagram Stories post, she mentioned running a business since she was a teenager and subtly criticized her ex, Jibri, for his lack of responsibility.

Terzel, on the other hand, has an impressive background as a Senior Producer at Oprah, co-CEO of Sound Of U Live, and an editor at Revolt TV. Together, they present a picture of success and compatibility that many fans admire.

90 Day Fiance: The Future of Miona and Terzel

Miona Bell recently addressed her fans’ questions about remarriage in an Instagram Stories Q&A. She indicated that she is open to marrying again when the time is right, expressing that she has matured and knows what to expect from a future husband.

The couple shared a special moment on Instagram, revealing that they share the same birthday. In a video, Terzel held a cake while Miona held a bouquet of pink roses. They both wore matching black outfits and captioned the video, “Sharing the same birthday with my love.” Fans and fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members sent birthday wishes, with co-star Shekinah Garner commenting on the unique coincidence.

90 Day Fiance: Miona and Terzel: Planning a Future Together

Miona and Terzel seem to be planning a future together, with Miona hinting at buying a house in Palm Springs. She has already dreamed of starting a family with Terzel, despite still being legally married to Jibri. The couple’s decision to buy a house together signals their commitment to each other and their shared vision for the future.

While Miona and Jibri are separated, the process of divorce might delay her plans to marry Terzel. However, Miona appears to be moving forward with confidence, leaving her past behind and focusing on her new life with Terzel.

As Miona navigates this new chapter, fans remain divided. Some are thrilled to see her happy, while others are critical of her public displays of affection. Regardless, Miona and Terzel seem determined to live their lives on their own terms, sharing their journey with their followers.

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