90 Day Fiance Star Gino Palazzolo Calls Jasmine Pineda an ‘Unsafe Partner’ Amidst Cheating Scandal

90 Day Fiance Star Gino Palazzolo Calls Jasmine Pineda an ‘Unsafe Partner’ Amidst Cheating Scandal

Jasmine Pineda, star of “90 Day Fiance,” has a new boyfriend named Matt. Reports suggest they’ve been together since November 2023. Rumors claim Gino Palazzolo caught Jasmine cheating, leading to her eviction. She then moved in with Matt, whom she had met at the gym.

Despite being spotted together often, they haven’t confirmed their relationship. This is likely due to their existing contracts. Jasmine openly shares about her new relationship online. Meanwhile, Gino chooses to stay quiet.

90 Day Fiance: Gino Palazzolo Blasts Her

Jasmine Pineda recently posted about their first wedding anniversary on Instagram without tagging Gino. Fans speculate this was contractually motivated. In response, Gino shared a story highlighting traits of an “unsafe partner,” clearly aimed at Jasmine.

His post described an unsafe partner. They are not open to feedback, apologize but repeat bad behaviors, and always try to be right, making the other feel bad.

Gino’s post clearly shows his dislike for Jasmine. It suggests their relationship isn’t good. Despite their contract, Jasmine keeps sharing about her new partner on social media. This confirms the end of their troubled relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Jasmine Pineda’s Pageant Ambitions

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda, known for their volatile relationship on “90 Day Fiance,” have hit another rough patch. Despite their ups and downs, they tied the knot on the show. Recently, Jasmine’s participation in a beauty pageant became a point of contention. She expressed disappointment that the pageant wasn’t a priority for Gino. However, her mood shifted when Gino revealed he spent $1,200 on the entry fee using their credit card.

90 Day Fiance: Fan Reactions and Speculations

Fans of the show have mixed feelings about the situation. Some appreciated seeing Jasmine in a supportive environment, thinking it might help with her insecurities. One fan said, “Seeing Jasmine get built up by a room full of supportive women was such a beautiful moment.”

However, many viewers believe the scenes were staged. “All the Jasmine/Gino segments are so painfully staged at this point,” one commenter noted. Jasmine herself hinted at external pressure, saying, “If Uncle Marco hadn’t put pressure on Gino to pay for the beauty pageant entry fee he wouldn’t have done it by himself.”

This latest drama has left fans divided, with some feeling the couple’s storyline is becoming less genuine. A viewer remarked, “I actually stopped watching after this scene cause it was just so painfully staged, so cringey.” Others criticized Jasmine’s priorities, with one tweet stating, “Her vanity knows no bounds.”

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