How Jasmine Pineda is Fighting Stress-Induced Hair Loss on 90 Day Fiance

How Jasmine Pineda is Fighting Stress-Induced Hair Loss on 90 Day Fiance

Jasmine Pineda’s life in America has been tough, especially with alopecia. Recently, she learned her children might take two years to join her.

This news made her condition worse. “Living in America has been really stressful,” she says. Stress leads to her hair loss. To boost her confidence, her friend suggests a beauty pageant class. Jasmine decides to join, with her supportive husband, Gino Palazzolo.

Jasmine Opens up about Self-Confidence Issues

The beauty pageant class was daunting for Jasmine. She was surrounded by women she saw as effortlessly beautiful.

Her insecurities surfaced, and she half-jokingly warned Gino, “If you look at any of these ladies, I’ll take your eyes out.” During the class, she shared her fears with the group, confessing, “Looking at your hair… I worry I’ll lose all mine.” In a moment of vulnerability, she admitted to the other participants that she had considered shaving her head completely.

One class member, Dallas, offered comfort. He reminded Jasmine that many women use extensions or wigs. He said her condition should not limit her.

Touched by the support, Jasmine said, “I’ve been feeling ugly… I don’t like what I see in the mirror.” However, the class proved to be a positive step, making her contemplate entering a beauty pageant seriously.

Happily Ever After Celeb’s Hair Struggles

Jasmine Pineda’s candidness about her alopecia struck a chord with viewers, many of whom empathize deeply with her plight.

Fans expressed gratitude for Jasmine’s openness, with one saying, “It’s huge knowing it just isn’t me.” The support from the community has been overwhelming, with many praising her decision to embrace her natural hair.

“One fan commented that her real hair looks better,” sparking a discussion on TV’s beauty standards. Meanwhile, Jasmine is considering entering a beauty pageant

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