Angela Deem Faces Backlash After Weight Loss Surgery on 90 Day Fiance

Angela Deem Faces Backlash After Weight Loss Surgery on 90 Day Fiance

In 2020, “90 Day Fiance” star Angela Deem underwent a major transformation. After returning from Nigeria, she had liposuction, gastric sleeve surgery, and a breast reduction. Shedding over 100 pounds, Angela stunned fans and fellow cast members with her new look at the Tell-All. However, concerns have arisen about her maintaining the results.

Michael Ilesanmi, Angela’s husband, initially opposed the surgeries due to their cost. Nevertheless, Angela proceeded, and for a time, fans agreed she looked amazing. However, her smoking habits and diet choices are raising questions about the longevity of her transformation.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Fear Surgery Blowout

Angela Deem’s dramatic entrance at the Tell-All left everyone in awe. As she walked in, she confidently asked the camera operator if he wanted to capture her new look. Yara Zaya didn’t want her husband Jovi looking at Angela’s chest, and Michael was visibly shocked.

Despite her impressive appearance, fans on Reddit have expressed concerns about Angela’s commitment to her post-surgery lifestyle. One fan, who also had gastric surgery, noted, “Angela chugging beer… I had bariatric surgery just like Angela. How is she drinking beer like that?”

Commenters agreed that drinking beer after gastric surgery is not advisable and speculated that Angela might have stretched her stomach pouch. “She’s blown the progress of her surgery and it’s enlarged already,” one user wrote.

90 Day Fiance: Angela’s Ongoing Drama with Michael

Angela Deem’s relationship with Michael Ilesanmi has continued to be turbulent. Following an incident where Michael allegedly ran away after being tased by Angela, she accused him of being a scammer. She was particularly upset when she saw him dancing with people in Indiana. Angela’s social media activity includes accusations and screenshots of Michael deleting supportive comments from his followers.

Fans are worried about Angela’s behavior at public events. A Reddit user shared a poster of a bar known for its “dirty” reputation, suggesting Angela’s appearance might end in chaos. Angela has a history of causing disturbances, such as a physical altercation in New York City. Her behavior tends to escalate when she consumes alcohol.

90 Day Fiance: Michael Ilesanmi’s New Life

Since his separation from Angela, Michael has been living a happier life. He recently shared a photo on Instagram with the caption, “They told me I couldn’t, that’s why I did,” indicating his newfound independence. Michael also confirmed that their story on “Happily Ever After?” is not scripted, addressing fans’ suspicions about the authenticity of their storyline.

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