90 Day Fiance: Fans Love Angela Deem’s Look

90 Day Fiance: Fans Love Angela Deem’s Look

Angela Deem’s granddaughter recently had a birthday party and the grandmother looked like she was losing some weight. Fans thought she looked great and noticed that she is leaner.

Is this an indication of a great surgical success? We know that the American native was there to give herself a cosmetic makeover.

90 Day Fiance: Fans Love Angela Deem’s Look

Although Michael Ilesanmi doesn’t want Angela Deem to undergo cosmetic surgery, Angela Deem is determined to get one for weight loss. Fans think she looks beautiful and the change is noticeable. With each Insta update, the grandmother of beautiful children looks better. Even though her Nigerian husband is not on board with all her decisions, her surgeries could enhance the possibility of her own spin-off.

On the post about the unicorn cakes, the 90 Day Fiance star looked younger and fitter. In August, she came into contact with Mama June’s fitness trainer Natasha, who continued the rumors about her own show at work. While the fans expressed their joy at her bariatric surgery, Angela Deem hasn’t confirmed anything yet.

At Angela’s age, undergoing this surgery was a major risk. This was the primary reason her husband refused to be on board with it.

According to Michael Ilesanmi, all cosmetic procedures are artificial. He even said that he didn’t want his wife to suffer and that he preferred larger women. But Angela Deem clapped back and said she doesn’t like to gain 20 pounds and eat what the children eat.

Although he called her beautiful as she was, it seemed that the American 90 Day Fiance star finally got her way. If her recent appearance is the result of her surgery, it was certainly a great success.

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  1. People Are soooo backward about Angela and Michael LEAVE THEM ALONE AND WISH THEM WELL.!!!! for God sake haven’t they been through enough!?! The don’t need anyone’s negativity or hatefulness. Blessings, love and light shower then on their marriage and life together. You go girlfriend ! Love, Christina.

  2. Angela is narcissistic, angry, controlling, trashy and a very embarrassing example of American women. She is out of control and like “baby Lisa” should be removed from the show. She is a bad example for young girls. Poor Michael! She treats him like shit! He doesn’t deserve that! She is very disrespectful of his culture and just shows how ignorant she is and what a bully, just like her president Trump!

  3. I saw Angela on Sunday’s episode 11/30
    I thought that not only did she look great, but it seems that losing some weight has calmed her attitude down a bit as well. She was so much more lady like on this episode than I have ever seen her. Keep it up Angela 💪

  4. Angela you look beautiful and I can tell you have a big heart I wish you and Michael all the best 👍😀❤

  5. Christina you got it right… leave them alone. If you have negative thoughts keep them for yourself or turn off your connections.

  6. When they went public if Angela didn’t PERFORM as an ignorant insecure loud country controlling rude disrespectful hot ass mess they would not get the reactions that they do. Shit doesnt make any sense. I do wish them well if mike loves her. He just couldn’t be my relative we would have been whooped her and her daughters asses.

  7. I am so angry when people call bariatric surgery “cosmetic surgery”.
    We do this for our health. Believe me, it is not cosmetic surgery.

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