90 Day Fiance: There Are Some Signs That 90 Day Fiance Varya And Geoffrey Paschel,’s Relationship Won’t Last.

90 Day Fiance: There Are Some Signs That 90 Day Fiance Varya And Geoffrey Paschel,'s Relationship Won’t Last.

90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days is a series that prequels the successful TLC 90 Day Fiancé series. First of all the drama of visas and 90 Days of marriage, Before the 90 Days documents couples who meet in person for the first time as they travel far and wide to meet their loves online. Geoffrey Paschel works as a landlord and owns several properties, while Varya is a radio host who has moved from Siberia to the great city of Moscow. They originally met through an international dating site once the country boy created a profile.

In the last episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 days, fans looked at how for once they saw a side of Varya that was not perfect. The Russian DJ was determined not to stay at Geoffrey Paschel’s hotel, but after holding out for one night, only she gave in and the two of them hugged.

The next morning, Varya told her American lover that she felt comfortable enough to take him back to his small town. While he was getting ready in the bathroom, he found Geoffrey’s comb, on which his ex-girlfriend’s name was stamped. Of course, she was not a fan of such a memory; she scolded her fiancé. She encouraged him to “think better” and threw it in the trash.

Viewers noticed numerous signs that the couple’s relationship will not survive; jealousy is one of them. Another sign would be lying. Both kept secrets that he cared about, for example, Geoffrey Paschel did not tell Varya about his criminal past and Varya did not reveal that she stopped all renovation work on his house in the hope of moving to America.

The Nashville native also oozes childish behavior, while vomiting for almost three episodes, because Varya has decided to listen to his friends instead of sleeping with him. Whenever he had the chance, the American brought it up and it sucked. The couple also differed in the kind of place they wanted to live. Geoffrey Paschel is a country boy who loves the slow pace and nature at the back door, while Varya enjoys city life and adventure, finding stagnation boring.

There were no hints if the couple lasted all season, but many fans find it hard to believe. There’s no way Varya enjoys moving to Tennessee and leaving everything he knows behind. She may need to start looking for a new American love interest that can provide her with a life she’s used to.

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