Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo One of the Show’s Biggest Villains Ever?

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo One of the Show’s Biggest Villains Ever?

Married at First Sight, fan-favorite Kate Sisk recently showed off a beautiful new makeover – and Luke Cuccurullo clearly missed it. Kate Sisk is working on her new life after the end of her marriage to Luke Cuccurullo. And, a lot of Married at First Sight supporters want to know more about what she’s up to. See more of her stunning transformation below.

MAFS: Kate Sisk Shows Off Stunning New Makeover

Kate Sisk is a natural beauty. And, many followers of “Married at First Sight” have fallen in love with her during her season. She recently shared a photo of her all dressed up online. She revealed that she hardly ever wears makeup. But she decided to take some time out.

Kate Sisk runs a successful female line called Hidden Intimates. Her models do it regularly for photo shoots. They show off her products and look good while they’re doing it. She got the look thanks to the makeup artist who makes her models look glamorous. And, she showed the finished look online.

Married at First Sight: Luke Cuccurullo One of the Show’s Biggest Villains Ever?

Kate Sisk’s match, Luke Cuccurullo, turned out to be one of Married at First Sight’s biggest villains. And, even with the misery Kate Sisk went through, she still wanted things to work out with her husband. There were numerous claims about Luke Cuccurullo throughout the season. And, most of them weren’t good.

Many viewers of Married at First Sight accused Luca Cuccurullo of gassing his wife. They had sex behind closed doors. But, Luca had his wife lie to the experts that they were close. Meanwhile, he said she had a drinking problem, too, when she was drinking.

As a result, Married at First Sight viewers gathered around Kate Sisk. And, many viewers are glad that she slammed her onto the sidewalk on Decision Day and never looked back.

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  1. I believe Luke has an avoidant attachment style and that the experts may not subscribe to attachment theory when matching individuals or the producers wanted such a gross mismatch to increase their ratings. It’s really not Luke’s fault that he is so afraid of intimacy – his brain is wired that way. That beautiful young woman has been spared a life of not getting her needs met as she deserves.

    • I agree with the comment regarding proofreading. In addition to the “sidewalk” sentence, the article references viewers thinking Luca was gassing his wife. Unless this is a new slang word with which I am unfamiliar, I think it was supposed to be “gaslighting”. Those were two glaring mistakes. If you want people to continue reading then please begin proofreading.

  2. Love Kate hope she finds love and happiness she truly deserves it. Luke was a real douche bag. I myself wld not have been so nice, I’d probably punched him a few times his lying twisted manipulative narcissistic behavior shld not have been allowed, he should have been kicked to the curb early on when he was being so mean and manipulative, maybe they should have matched with him a same sex partner he clearly isn’t into women.🤷‍♀️

  3. I just felt he was so creepy. And he said he only had sex with her because she wanted to / And he said he would feel sick afterwards /
    I would of left him NO WAY would I have stayed with him .. Him and the tall basketball player … AWFUL AWFUL matches .. And one has to ask WHY THE HELL did they come on this show ..
    Now this season we have Zach. Iiiiiiick. Lets see what line of Bull crap he’s going to pull next week 😵

  4. The experts MUST make some matches for drama. That should have been stopped immediately when he said her touch repulsed him (however he worded it). Done, finito. Love Pastor Cal.

    • Is it me or does this article not have anything to do with Luke only Kate? For someone who did not watch the full season, I got reeled in by the title, it would have been nice to know why the author felt that Luke was such a villain. Though by the sounds of it kudos to Kate for a successful business career. As for the other stuff I guess I will have to YouTube this season! LOL

  5. I’m disappointed with background checks. Doesn’t seem candidates qualifications or information is being confirmed as true. Every season now someone is lying! How can these things be hidden? No one is looking? More work is needed by the professionals before a match is made. These are REAL people, not actors. Or are they?

  6. I’m happy for Kate. Luke was a bad choice for her. If you’re Bisexual or gay, admit that and live your truth. Don’t wait until ruining someone’s life and chance at love to be honest with yourself. It took her viewing his Facebook and seeing he was Bi and had a boyfriend. That took too much but he still denied it 🤦🏾‍♀️. I’m glad she’s moved on and being her best self. Keep going love 😊

  7. The season with Luke and Kate was disturbing. Like was definitely a jerk but so was the tall guy. He stayed out the first night, didnt call or text his wife of his whereabouts and was seen out with another woman. He and Luke are tied in being assholes. This season Zach is showing all the signs that he is not interested in being in his marriage. Mindy should just cut her losses now. Meka and Michael, this couple is doom. A lying husband and an aggressive wife. Omg, Brandon. I felt like he should have left the show after Panama. Unacceptable behavior. Their may be hope for the other 2 couples. I love how pastor Cal calls B.S. when the guys are not owning their mess.

  8. It’s so freaking OBVIOUS that the reason he wasn’t into her….was because she wasn’t a big husky man. He likes men and he should’ve never came on the show and disrupted someone else’s life.

  9. I feel like like is gay,and I also feel like zach is so into himself that the producers should of seen this. Instead they now have purposely hurt 2 beautiful women. Shame on the show.

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