1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Continues To Suffer From Severe Health Problems

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Continues To Suffer From Severe Health Problems

The well-known reality TV celebrity of 1000 Lb Sisters, Tammy Slaton, has had another sudden health scare. She shared with fans that she had Carbon Dioxide poisoning. As a result, she had to be hospitalised. This startled TLC viewers and they have been hoping for an update on her health. Recently, a new picture reportedly showed that Tammy seems to have made tremendous progress.

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Continues To Suffer From Severe Health Problems

Tammy Slaton’s last post about her health was a few days ago. On Tik Tok, she posted about her sudden hospitalisation. In it she explained her carbon monoxide poisoning and also described her mental health decline.

However, one of his producers from 1000-lb Sisters and also a friend posted a picture of him on his social media. He wished her a speedy recovery. After the post, many fans wondered if the picture was recent or old. That’s because Slaton’s sister was walking on it. So fans have been trying to figure out if it is from the time she was able to walk or if it is a current picture after a quick recovery.

On Reddit, many accounts talked about how “sad” it is to see the actor like this. Tammy Slaton hasn’t made much progress with her health since her TLC reality show debut. Sadly, her condition is steadily worsening and she is now almost 6,000 pounds. Some predicted that she won’t be able to walk for much longer unless she starts seriously losing weight.

However, it could not be confirmed whether the picture was recent or not. In her Tik Toki post, the popular nurse talked about going to a care facility to get her strength back and be healthy. All the fans of the reality series are really hoping that this recent poisoning will prove to be a much needed wake-up call for her so that the celebrity can get her life back on track.

Because of hospital treatment, Tammy Slaton had to celebrate Thanksgiving from hospital. While she’s not the most beloved character in 1000-lb Sisters, viewers couldn’t have had a harder time with her post. She posed from her hospital bed while wishing everyone well. The 35-year-old’s poisoning happened because of too much carbon dioxide in her system.

Some revealed that obese people breathe differently from normal-sized people. As a result, there is a very high probability of carbon dioxide being trapped in their bodies. According to her latest updates, Tammy Slaton appears to be in good health.

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