1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton’s New Love Ends Abruptly

1000-lb Sisters: Amy Slaton's New Love Ends Abruptly

1000-lb Sisters star Amy Slaton alarmed fans with news about her boyfriend, Kevin. Recent rumors suggest Kevin ended their brief romance. What more do we know about this situation?

In the latest season, Amy Slaton coped with her breakup from Michael Halterman. Juggling single motherhood stressed her out.

Soon after, Amy began seeing new men. Fans thought she moved on too fast after her divorce. Instead of healing, she seemed to replace her ex quickly with Kevin.

Viewers had a bad feeling about Kevin from the start. When Amy shared videos of their dates, fans collectively disapproved. They warned her about him.

Kevin even went on a rant, criticizing Tammy Slaton, Chris Combs, and fans. Amy removed him from her social media, hinting she ended things.

@amyhalterman87 Smh this way late but happy valentine’s day @Kevin ♬ original sound – Amy halterman

However, Amy later mentioned that Kevin gave her money for her nails. Some fans suspected they got back together.

Rumors circulated that Kevin was the one who dumped Amy. A comment from Kevin suggested this.

Despite still being connected on TikTok, Amy posted a cryptic quote hinting at trouble.

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