What We Know About 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5

What We Know About 1000-Lb Sisters Season 5

Will 1000-Lb Sisters be back for season 5? Find out the latest insider news on Tammy Slaton’s journey, from bariatric surgery to skin removal. You won’t believe what comes next!

Today, we all watched Tammy and Amy undergo a transformative journey while qualifying for bariatric surgery. Seriously, how can you not love these girls? They have become like family to us! And if you thought their story was over, think again. Insiders claim that season 5 is not only happening, but is already in the works.

This is where it gets interesting. Recently, some beachgoers in Florida ran into the family and their film crew. As if that wasn’t enough of a clue, Tammy herself uploaded (and later deleted) a TikTok that hinted at new episodes coming out this December. Yes, you read correctly-this December!

1000-Lb Sisters: Season 5 to Focus on Tammy’s Skin Surgery

Do you know what Tammy Slaton’s next step is after bariatric surgery? Skin removal surgery! A source reportedly spilled the beans to The Sun, revealing that the upcoming season will focus on her next set of challenges. This is monumental, folks!

We all know Tammy is doing great on her weight loss journey. Her social media accounts are full of inspiring photos of her transformation. But there’s a catch. Before she goes under the knife for skin surgery, she needs to lose even more pounds, as advised by her medical team.

But hey, we’re talking about Tammy Slaton here. The same woman who has already crushed so many goals. And let’s not forget, she’s had to deal with some pretty tough life events, including the death of her husband, Caleb Willingham.

By the way, the upcoming episodes of season 4 Part B will be emotionally intense. We get to see how the family handles Caleb’s funeral, something Tammy reportedly was not happy about. For anyone wondering what on earth happened, you’ll have to pay close attention to those episodes.

And by the way, Tammy had to delete that TikTok where she accidentally dropped the premiere date. Looks like TLC wants to keep us all on the edge of our seats.

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