1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Has Not Given Up On Herself

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Has Not Given Up On Herself

1000-Lb Sisters spoilers reveal that Tammy Slaton1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Fights for Her Health. will be making a big change. And after three seasons of swapping one boyfriend for another, Tammy should finally win over fans, too. But can Slaton stick to her decision to change her lifestyle?

Tammy has devoted several episodes of 1000-Lb Sisters to the search for romance. And time and again, the reality star has succeeded. For example, Tammy maintained an affair with BBW king Phillip Redmond for a while. However, in two separate TikTok posts, Slaton shared that she finally ended that romance. And Tammy explained why. At the same time, she also took the time to praise Phillip, MEAWW noted.

But first, the 1000-Lb Sisters star addressed her break-up. And she found the perfect caption. In the aftermath of her split with the BBW king, Tammy Slaton wrote: “Being single sucks. But I’m learning more about myself every day.”

1000-Lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton Has Not Given Up On Herself

However, fans asked for more information. And so Slaton created another video. In response to a fan who asked what happened to the BBW King, Tammy Slaton shared that she thinks the parting should remain personal.

At the same time, Slaton also made a promise, which the fans applauded. As the BBW king encouraged Tammy Slaton to stay the same size, her fans worried that she would prevent her from losing weight. However, Slaton promised he would not rekindle his romance with Phillip.

However, Tammy praised the BBW kings. And she called him a “good guy”. But since he affected her weight, fans are hoping she’ll keep her promise to stay away from him. And there is a dark side to their story. For example, Slaton shared that she needed police help because Redmond allegedly harassed her. And Tammy recalled that her now ex-boyfriend called up to 20 times in one hour. He also allegedly threatened to break down her door.

Since the BBW king stated that he only dates women who weigh over 300 pounds, Tammy’s family was also worried about him. And accusations of harassment added to their worries. But fans know that Slaton tends to go out of his way to find love.

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