1000-lb Sisters’ Tammy Slaton Drops 300 Lbs and Wows Fans on TikTok!

1000-lb Sisters' Tammy Slaton Drops 300 Lbs and Wows Fans on TikTok!

Tammy Slaton, the renowned star of the hit reality TV show “1000-lb Sisters,” has always grappled with weight issues, citing a combination of poor diet, challenging living conditions, and genetic predispositions as the primary causes. Yet, in a recent episode, Tammy’s fans witnessed a remarkable transformation: she celebrated a substantial weight loss milestone, proudly sharing her achievement on TikTok, much to the delight of her followers.

Tammy Slaton Drops to 420 Lbs – See Her Celebratory Dance on TikTok!

As someone who has struggled with obesity, Tammy Slaton has faced numerous challenges in her everyday life, from basic tasks to relying on external equipment for support. However, determined to turn her life around, she embarked on a weight loss journey. In the latest episode of “1000-lb Sisters,” Tammy showcased an astonishing weight loss, shedding nearly 300 lbs, a moment that marked her proudest achievement to date.

Upon visiting her weight loss doctor, the scales tipped at 420 lbs, a significant drop from her highest weight of 725 lbs. Overcome with emotion, Tammy reminisced about the last time she was this weight – when she was 15 or 16 years old. Her fans, witnessing this milestone, expressed their happiness and support for her incredible journey.

In a celebratory move, Tammy took to her TikTok account, posting a selfie video where she is seen dancing and flexing her slimmer arms, now more visible in a short-sleeved t-shirt. The video captioned “(I don’t care) if I didn’t do it right” resonated with fans, who were thrilled to see her exuding confidence and joy. The comments section overflowed with congratulatory messages, fans commending her dedication and newfound confidence.


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Tammy Slaton Hits 420 Lbs in ‘1000-lb Sisters’ Post-Surgery Update!

Tammy’s journey to fitness and health has been a challenging one, marked by surgeries and rehabilitation efforts. A new clip shared on TLC’s Instagram page highlighted these efforts, showcasing her visit to her weight loss doctor, Dr. Smith. The clip, capturing a follow-up visit post-surgery, showed an anxious Tammy stepping onto the scale, only to be pleasantly surprised by the reading of 420 lbs.

This moment of triumph, reflecting a nearly 300 lb weight loss, was a significant milestone for Tammy, who had not weighed this much since her teenage years. Her achievement, met with misty eyes and a proud glance towards her doctor, garnered immense support and encouragement from fans, many urging her to “keep up (the) good work.”

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