‘1000-lb Sisters‘: Tammy Slaton Approved for Surgery

‘1000-lb Sisters‘: Tammy Slaton Approved for Surgery

Tammy Slaton went to rehab to overcome her addiction to food and to eliminate other unhealthy traits. She remained in the facility for some time. In addition, for a couple of months Tammy Slaton went off the grid. Now news has emerged that the 1000-lb Sisters celebrity has come out of rehab earlier than expected. Remarkably, she is set to undergo life-saving surgery next month.

‘1000-lb Sisters‘: Tammy Slaton Approved for Surgery

Life has given Tammy Slaton so many lemons that she has completely ignored them. The infamous nurse stopped caring for her health. And instead, she focused on a reckless life just to have a little fun.

As a result, fans lost hope that Tammy Slaton would ever get better. What’s more, they’re ready to believe that the nurse is out of the institution by exceeding the doctor’s expectations. However, TheSun exclusively reports that the 36-year-old is finally eligible for surgery.

The reality star was due to get out of rehab in August. But she did so well that Tammy is now preparing for bariatric surgery in Atlanta next month. The surgery removes excess fat from the body, which can help in extreme situations to lose weight quickly.

Well, it’s a shocking revelation for anyone who ever cheered for Tammy Slaton. What’s more, the older sister stands to lose a lot of weight, as she’s now down to 400 pounds. Also, her weight is exactly the dimensions needed for gastric bypass surgery.

What’s more, Tammy Slaton’s friend has revealed that she is currently on a respirator. So now the celebrity is wearing a part-time breathing tube. Another surgery is coming up for the reality star. It turns out that Tam Tam is suffering from severe pain in her knee and due to this, she cannot walk properly. So he is going for another knee surgery.

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