1000-lb Sisters: Health Scare? Tammy Slaton’s Latest Instagram Post Sparks Worries Among Fans

1000-lb Sisters: Health Scare? Tammy Slaton's Latest Instagram Post Sparks Worries Among Fans

Tammy Slaton, the popular star from the hit TV show, 1000 Lb Sisters, has been an embodiment of determination and willpower. With her tremendous weight loss transformation, she has inspired millions across the globe. However, her recent Instagram post has fans questioning whether she’s backsliding into her previous condition.

Tammy Slaton has been an iconic figure in the journey of weight loss. Struggling with obesity for a considerable part of her life, she decided to take the bull by the horns and make a shift towards a healthier lifestyle. Her transformation has been inspiring, but the latest Instagram post from the reality star has raised concern among her fans.

1000-lb Sisters: The Alarm Bell – A Recent Instagram Post

In her latest Instagram update, Tammy posted a carousel of pictures, some close-ups and some full-length photos. Clad in a beautiful red dress and a butterfly hair clip, she seemed to be enjoying a waterfront sunset.

The alarm bells started ringing when fans noticed she was back in her wheelchair, looking slightly overweight compared to her previous uploads. It has been a long time since Tammy traded her wheelchair for walking, and seeing her back in one sparked concern among her fans.

1000-lb Sisters: Fans Express Their Concern

As soon as the photos hit the gram, fans of the 1000 Lb Sisters star started pouring their concern in the comments section. Questions around her returning to a wheelchair surfaced, while others advised her to ‘Get up and start walking.’

Among the worried comments, one follower pointed out that Tammy Slaton might be gaining weight again, hinting at a potential return to her old lifestyle, including oxygen support.

Despite the cloud of concern, there was a silver lining. A dedicated follower came to Tammy’s defense, pointing out that she had recently gotten off her oxygen and was probably still adjusting to walking long distances.

They suggested that the celebrity’s legs might not be strong enough yet, and dealing with extra skin could be another challenge affecting her balance.

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