1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton’s Skinny New Look – See Photos

1000-lb Sisters: Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton’s Skinny New Look – See Photos

Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton had their family’s support through tough times. They faced health and obesity challenges, affecting various aspects of life. To take charge, the 1000-lb Sisters stars focused on getting healthier.

Remarkably, both sisters shed a significant amount of weight. Their confidence soared post-weight loss. Nowadays, Amy and Tammy share more photos on social media, enjoying the results of their efforts.

When fans met Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton, they weighed 700 and 400 lbs. The 1000-lb Sisters faced mobility and health challenges. They committed to losing weight and getting healthier. With determination and support, they achieved significant weight loss.

Presently, Tammy Slaton and Amy Slaton are much slimmer. Tammy lost about 400 lbs and underwent bariatric surgery. Amy reached 275 lbs through diet, exercise, and surgery. Their confidence has grown, evident in their increased social media presence.

In January 2024, Amy shared a photo carousel on Instagram, flaunting her new look. Dressed in a red minidress and coat, she exuded confidence in knee-high boots. Tammy, too, has embraced sharing photos and videos.

On October 31, 2023, Tammy posted Halloween videos trying on new costumes. Wearing a skeleton outfit, she twirled happily, showcasing her progress. Another photo showed her in jeans, a significant milestone. Her public bathroom selfie on August 25 garnered attention.

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