What’s Next for Tammy and Amy Slaton? Inside Scoop on 1000-lb Sisters Season 6

What's Next for Tammy and Amy Slaton? Inside Scoop on 1000-lb Sisters Season 6

Tammy and Amy Slaton are the main stars of 1000-lb Sisters. The show started in January 2020 and now has five seasons. The latest season recently ended with an emotional moment when Tammy and her family learned about Caleb’s death.

Fans are now eager for Season 6 and want to know when it will happen. The last season left room for new storylines, so fans are looking forward to what comes next.

What to Expect from the Slaton Sisters

Fans recently watched the Season 5 finale of the show 1000-lb Sisters where the family supported Tammy after her husband’s death. Everyone remembered Caleb, and Tammy dealt with the news. Now, fans are eager for Season 6.

Although the network hasn’t confirmed it, there are hints that they are already filming Season 6. The Slaton sisters’ social media posts hint at what fans might see. Tammy’s skin removal surgery discussions could be part of the new season. Amy’s new romance might also be featured.

TLC hasn’t announced a release date or trailer, but in February 2024, Hollywood Gossip and TheSun suggested that filming for Season 6 was underway. TLC usually releases trailers closer to the premiere date. If they follow the same pattern this year, fans can expect the show to return in November or December.

In Season 6, viewers can expect to see the usual cast, including Tammy, Amy, Chris, Misty, and Amanda. Amy Slaton is now divorced, so it’s uncertain if Michael Halterman will appear. Tammy’s friend, Haley, might also make an appearance.

TLC aired the show first in January 2020. It did well, so it got another season in January 2021. The third season premiered in November of the same year. Season 5 ran from December 2023 to February of this year. Following this pattern, Season 6 could air in late 2024, in November or December.

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