90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev Engagement Back On

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev Engagement Back On

Georgi and Darcey Silva may have misled their fans into believing that they have split up. The Darcey & Stacey couple suddenly changed tones and returned to the love life with each other. The move came just days after Darcey teased that they had split up.

Recently, the 90 Day Fiance star left some hard comments on Georgi Rusev’s throwback photo of them on their first date. She even told him that he had to take her off his page, which he diligently followed.

Georgi Rusev then removed all traces of his 90 Day Fiance girlfriend from his account and they even fled each other.

90 Day Fiance: Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev Engagement Back On

Shortly after the news of their brief engagement broke, the Darcey & Stacey stars seemed to have patched things up. Georgi Rusev put pictures of Darcey back on his page as if nothing had happened. He even unarchived the controversial photos that triggered the divorce news.

Darcey also declared herself engaged again. The 90 Day Fiance veteran even edited the captions she wrote, indicating the split. In one of her messages, she boasted about the fact that she was “soon-to-be Mrs. She also shared photos with Georgi, calling herself “husband and wife”, and “twin flames”. Georgi, on the other hand, said he can’t wait to have his future Mrs. Rusev.

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  1. I cannot stress enough of what a disgusting pig this Darcy is. Every man that she manipulates into a first date, instantly becomes “her soulmate “. She’s either very lucky or extremely easy. Well actually she’s both. Sleeping with men on their first date…jeez woman, have a bit of self respect, even just a little. And lay off the lip injections. Have you ever seen a bottom feeding fish? Thy name is Darcy. Can we talk about the clothes? You cram your fat into 1) clothes 2 sizes too small and 2) Style too young for a woman your age lest we forget 3) the clothes are appropriate for a street walker. Sorry to the ladies of the evening. No insult intended. Her daughters are in for a rude awakening once they are on their own and are treated like easy whores like their mother has exhibited and behaved throughout their whole lives manipulating men for money and love…Poor girls. Just EEEWWW

  2. These 2 women/sisters are Out of their minds!! Omg I have Never seen such desperation in my life! Come On, how can they possibly be this ignorant? Fact is, they both know they have major issues in these incredibly dysfunctional relationships, they Choose to turn a blind eye to it! Their business and Darcey’s kids all continue to pay the price for these two and their self serving focus. Honestly, one day they have to stop and look at this, they are trying to turn 2 much younger playboy into attentive husbands. Neither of whom have a legitimate job or the capacity to love and care for these women. They Need men their own age that are in the same phase of life as they are. Their incessant need to defy age is actually making them look much worse. Their hair and face look awful from all the fake products and botox, their breasts are fake and way beyond natural or even normal looking and the completely off the wall outfits and shoes they can barely walk in just screams insecurity and desperation. It’s sad to watch. I would love to see them get rid of these 2 fools that are lying to then as we speak because neither of these relationships will last a year, and focus on the kids and business. They Need a reality check. They want to be loved so badly and they have yet to start loving themselves first! They need to give themselves stability and stand on their own two confident feet…that’s confidence Not ego, and live without the desperate need for a man to give them attention for a long enough period of time where they can raise the bar for themselves on what they will not accept in their lives. Until they heal themselves and gain the proper self confidence they will Always be the welcome mat rather than attracting the sophisticated and decent man they want. They need to wake the hell up they arent getting any younger! If they don’t stand on their own two feet without a man, they remain the welcome mat where these nasty mooches wipe their feet all over them. Once might be a mistake but every man after that is a choice.

  3. Ladies, please tone down the fake lip’s and hair, you’re beautiful, you don’t need it. The duck bills are so distracting. Save your money

  4. Girl leave your lips alone darcy!!! Jessica Rabbit looking ass..what you trying to do step up your oral game with them big lips! 😯😬🤪😱

  5. Ladies, the plastic surgery, oversized breasts, undersized closed and men young enough to be your children is not attractive and not a good example to set for Darcey’s children. All the exposure from xl breasts popping out of xs tops and dresses and skirts so short it is impossible to stoop or bend over, is NOT attractive or sexy. It is trashy and sleazy.
    Ladies….wash off the makeup, stop frying your hair with all the chemicals, put on a T-shirt and sweat pants , put the men on hiatus and get to know who you are, deal with needed therapy and be able to love yourself above all others. Only than will you be ready to find a man. One your age that has shared life experiences that come with age and maturity.
    Change your ways now or you will grow old together as two lonely sisters with your bodies fighting back from all your surgeries al alone in that big empty house.

  6. Darcy and Stacy are so fake I do not watch them anymore I did at the beginning I don’t really know how Stacy is but Darcy is just dying dying for a man s*** about doing anything to get a man and get married it’s like I love you I love you I love you in a day they just take off and leave the kids at the drop of a second old go move here move there oh it’s for love it’s for love I can’t even believe they got their own show so fake

  7. Can someone please tell me why people like the twins so much? How are they fan favorites? If they want to give 90 fiancee couples/friends a show give it to David/Annie, Cynthia/Molly or Tim/Veronica. The twins are just annoying. I can’t feel bad for woman who do the same thing over and over.

  8. Maybe she should stop wearing lipstick, especially red. That big flappy mouth wouldn’t look so big. What a mistake, girl.

  9. These ladies would look so much better if they would tone it down a little. Darcey and Stacey are not being good role models for the girls. Darcey walks around with her boobs all hanging out and when Georgi came to stay with her during the pandemic, the next day Georgi said he was hungry and Darcey says “he needs his meat.” She then proceeds to lift up the sheet and look at his privates and says she needs her meat. Her daughter’s are going to wind up seeing this. Not something most daughters or sons would like to see or have their friends see.

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