Sister Wives: Kody’s Lifestyle Fits With His Beliefs?

Sister Wives: Kody’s Lifestyle Fits With His Beliefs?

Sister Wives star Kody Brown was outraged when he was asked if he was a womanizer. This question made him think while sitting with his wives for an interview. But his comeback seemed a bit strange. Sister Wives’ husband responded to the question by explaining why he chose these four women as his wives.

It seems that this disturbing womanizer question was ready for Kody when he sat down for an interview. But the patriarch of the Sister Wives didn’t seem to like what this question entailed. From the tone of his voice it became clear that he didn’t like where the interview was going.

Sister Wives: Kody’s Lifestyle Fits With His Beliefs?

Kody Brown and his four wives live this lifestyle of Sister Wives because of a religious conviction. He makes it very clear that his choice for the plural marriage came to him as a vocation. It had nothing to do with his libido, as people suggest during the seasons of this TLC reality series. This was not the religion in which he grew up. So he asked if he might have a different agenda to join a sect of the church that promotes multiple wives. During this 2012 interview, he is indignant about this line of questioning.

Years ago, Kody Brown and his four wives wrote a book about their lives. As you can hear from the interview below, Natalie Morales from NBC News said that she learned from that book that Kody Brown played in high school. From what it sounds like, Kody Brown then saw herself as a ladies’ man.

So he wonders if his eye for the ladies led him to the religion that allows his lifestyle on Sister Wives. The interviewer suggested that this kind of lifestyle seems to take care of every womanizing manners a man can have. After all, it makes it possible for different wives.

Kody Brown’s laid-back attitude during this interview put the brakes on. Now the 18-year-old father of Sister Wives has a problem with what Miss Morales seems to be implying. As he backs down, one of his four wives also has a problem with this question. Christine Brown shouts out her protest, because she looks even angrier than her husband together.

First of all, Natalie goes through Kody Brown’s behavior as a teenager because he had a lot of girlfriends. Kody asks Natalie if she really expects him to defend his behavior as a teenager. He claims he was a 14-year-old boy who tried to be both a spiritual boy and a wild boy at the same time.

However, the interviewer still suggests that people may believe he chose the life of Sister Wives to satisfy his desire for more than one woman. Under the umbrella of plural marriage, he is able to take on a new wife when the need arises. Papa Brown protests, but his choice of words seems odd to fans.

Written by Christine Cohan

Reality TV Writer / Editor


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