Sister Wives: Kody Missed the Boat?

Sister Wives: Kody Missed the Boat?

Kody has a wealth of information at his fingertips as the Sister Wives fan base actually gives him some great ideas. The Brown family once offered My Sister Wife’s Closet, an online store.

While the message you get when you click on the site today indicates that they are in the process of renewal, it has been so for almost two years. So most fans assume that the Sister Wives tribe has closed it down for good.

It seems that this site was Robyn Brown’s baby. But when she asked Kody Brown and her co-wives for help, she was told that she would basically be on her own, and she backed off a bit. However, with Kody Brown’s marketing strategy, that store should run and sell as gang members. Meri Brown has successfully appealed to her fans by selling them a brand of clothing. She is considered one of the top sellers of the company today. So she saw the ready-made customer base. Now, why doesn’t Kody Brown ask the fans today.

Fans didn’t like what My Sister Wife’s Closet offered when it opened. The complaints ranged from too little variation to merchandise that did not appeal to the average person.

In a recently held detailed chat party, the followers offered a lot of ideas to make their store successful. Starting with taking a look at Kody and his four wives. Keep in mind that each of them clearly shows different tastes. From the clothes they wear to the lumps they have around their house… they all seem very different.

Most fans also have their favorite husband from the Sister Wives series. It seems that fans of this TLC reality series think Kody should consider all of the above factors before trying to sell merchandise.


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