Sister Wives: Kody Missed the Boat?

Sister Wives: Kody Missed the Boat?

Kody Brown has a wealth of information at his fingertips as the Sister Wives fan base actually gives him some great ideas. The Brown family once offered My Sister Wife’s Closet, an online store.

While the message you get when you click on the site today indicates that they are in the process of renewal, it has been so for almost two years. So most fans assume that the Sister Wives tribe has closed it down for good.

It seems that this site was Robyn Brown’s baby. But when she asked Kody and her co-wives for help, she was told that she would basically be on her own, and she backed off a bit. However, with Kody’s marketing strategy, that store should run and sell as gang members. Meri Brown has successfully appealed to her fans by selling them a brand of clothing. She is considered one of the top sellers of the company today. So she saw the ready-made customer base. Now, why doesn’t Kody ask the fans today.

Fans didn’t like what My Sister Wife’s Closet offered when it opened. The complaints ranged from too little variation to merchandise that did not appeal to the average person.

In a recently held detailed chat party, the followers offered a lot of ideas to make their store successful. Starting with taking a look at Kody and his four wives. Keep in mind that each of them clearly shows different tastes. From the clothes they wear to the lumps they have around their house… they all seem very different.

Most fans also have their favorite husband from the Sister Wives series. It seems that fans of this TLC reality series think Kody should consider all of the above factors before trying to sell merchandise.

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  1. If the sister wives were trying to sell the style of clothing they wore no wonder the styles weren’t liked!! All those women needed stylists… they all dressed so frumpy!!

  2. Kody has serious issues! He thinks he’s hot stuff 🙄 He’s selfish. How do these women not challenge him, especially after they all had the homes they each built and HE decided they’d move. He didn’t take his children into account. He drives me insane with the hair!

  3. K9dy Brown is a washed up, misogynistic, narcissistic grub. He thinks that Gad is telling him to have multiple wivess..hahaha..what a crock of s##t. That is his crap to just have sex with more than one woman. The moves he makes that family do is pathetic. To lose those great houses in Las Vagas to move to an idealistic, no chance of happening, one big house crap was selfish and financially disastrous. Meri Brown get the he’ll away from him. Do you really want to spend eternity with a man who publically dismisses you, wishes he never married you, makes you hang on his every word without taking into consideration your needs. You are like an abused puppy just begging for scraps of attention…Eternity?? Really???

  4. Robin is the homeliness woman I have ever seen. Why in the world did Kody go so crazy over her? Meri is beautiful and the other two are pretty poor old Robin is pitiful looking.

  5. I think Kody is the most self centered man I’ve ever seen. What do those women even need him for. He’s not even kind or attentive. They pay their own way anyway. Get rid of him!

  6. We all wonder if they will ever be happy or if they are happy now. The show storylines doesn’t seem to make it so. But it’s a TV drama that’s partly fabricated. From their history we know they are nomadic. They’re just moving now with a lot more money to play with. Overall the wholesomeness of their family, which was integral for the public accepting their lifestyle, appears to be gone and focused into making money. That’s what the producers focus on anyway. It’s a wonder why they cant just get a normal job that you go to every day, like a normal parent with many kids, and make a normal wage. You can’t use the kids as an excuse anymore.

  7. Kody should take some pointers from Meri , Christine and Janelle on how to make money.
    As for Robin all she does is complain and demand all Kody’s attitude. To me a marriage is a give and take, not always giving. The way Kody acts, it tells me 4 wives are too much for him. He needs to decide which wife he wants and let the others go their own way.
    As for his children, they seem to see right through his garbage. Let the good times roll and let them give Kody a run for his money.

  8. It’s like beating a dead horse. I have no idea why they ask for our opinion simply because they don’t listen to anything their fans say. Kody is a joke. He’s not a man & he’s definitely not the head of any household other than Robin’s. But the Wives aren’t good women either as they put up with his nonsense & sit back & accepts whatever crumbs he’s handing out. Seriously wish they’d just cancel the show all together due to the fact that there’s absolutely no positive uplifting happening. Especially in the Me Too women’s empowerment. It’s a joke!!!!!

  9. Why is this show even ON anymore?! Yes why on earth can they not get jobs? He comes up with cockamamie plans, wringing his hands cause they need $…hellooo…get a job…and a haircut, please!

  10. Can anyone explain to me what these women find so attractive in Kody? Because I sure don’t see it. He is rude and lazy and all about himself definitely wouldn’t last around me or any woman I know. 3 wives work and 1 doesn’t that is why she is his his favorite the both of them mooch off of the 3 others . I hope these 3 ladies get wise and drop these 2 moochers like a rock. Make them work for themselves.

  11. Kody is a narcissistic ass! The first time I saw Robyn I didn’t like her. She always has a sour look on her face. Like she just ate a lemon 🍋. I knew from the beginning she angling for Meri’s spot. I never understood why Kody had to divorce Meri to adopt those kids. As soon as it was done Meri was put out to pasture. No one understood or cared what the divorce and abandonment did to Meri! Of course she went looking for affection and attention, who wouldn’t. Kody should have set it up that after the adoption he would divorce Robyn and remarry Meri! But Robyn got what she was originally going for #1 wife.

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