Who Needed the CARE Team at Kody Brown’s Home?

Who Needed the CARE Team at Kody Brown's Home?

A neighbor talked about officials visiting Robyn and Kody Brown’s home. They are likely from the Flagstaff, Arizona CARE Unit. This unit usually handles mental health emergencies and grief calls.

After Garrison Brown’s death, they visited Kody Brown”s home. The video shows three CARE unit vehicles arriving at the residence. A Reddit user posted about the law enforcement vehicles.

Another Reddit post mentioned the officials arriving at 7:30 p.m. The cars rushed to the Brown household. The authorities were from the CARE unit. No words were on the vehicles.

The CARE team handles mental health and grief calls. They include mental health professionals and EMS. Given Garrison Brown’s suicide, the family may need help coping.

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Sister Wives: Community Speculation and Concern

Fans are speculating about the recent visit from law enforcement officials at Kody Brown’s place. Who needed help? Not Kody, but maybe his kids or wife.

Some fans think Aurora is struggling. They worry about the older kids. Others suspect Robyn seeks attention.

A Reddit user defends Kody, saying estrangement doesn’t erase love. Parenting pain is unimaginable.

People notice snow-covered parked cars. Maybe more family is there. Some cars might be Kody and Robyn’s.

Neighbors sharing videos upset some fans. Privacy was requested during Garrison’s passing.

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