Shocking Sister Wives Secret: The Mystery Woman Kody Brown Nearly Added to His Polygamous Circle!

Shocking Sister Wives Secret: The Mystery Woman Kody Brown Nearly Added to His Polygamous Circle!

In a startling revelation from the world of polygamous reality TV, Kody Brown, the patriarch of the famous Brown family from TLC’s “Sister Wives,” made an unexpected confession. During the recent episode of “Sister Wives Look Back, How It’s Going,” Brown divulged that before marrying his second, third, and fourth wives – Janelle, Christine, and Robyn – there was another woman on the brink of joining his unconventional family.

Kody Brown’s Surprising Confession

Kody Brown, in a candid segment of the show, admitted to a significant romantic involvement with a potential bride during his sole marriage to Meri. “There was a woman that I was courting for a very long time before I married Janelle. Her and Meri were friends,” Kody revealed, adding a layer of complexity to the already intricate relationships within the Brown family.

This mystery woman, according to Kody, remained hopeful about becoming part of the Brown family even after his marriage to Christine. “After I married Christine, she still wanted to be in the family,” Kody disclosed, shedding light on the dynamics of his polygamous decisions.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Bold Veto Against Kody’s Potential Bride!

The plot thickened when Kody Brown shared how Christine Brown, his third wife, played a crucial role in this narrative. Upon joining the family, Christine made it clear she would not accept the other woman. “She said, ‘I’d never marry you if you married her.’ And then Christine had no interest in having her in the family after Christine had come into the family,” Kody added, highlighting the influence Christine had on the family’s expansion.

Christine, however, countered Kody’s claims in her solo confessional, labeling them as fabrications. “It’s just a lie. I’m sorry – that’s just a lie,” she asserted, questioning the relevance of Kody’s recollections.

The Canceled Wedding That Changed ‘Sister Wives’ Forever!

The layers of this story were further peeled back in the Brown family’s 2012 memoir, “Becoming Sister Wives: The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.” Meri first brought up the almost addition to their marriage, recalling a young woman they met at a church gathering. “I was excited about welcoming a second wife,” Meri shared, revealing her initial enthusiasm for expanding their polygamous family.

However, Christine’s commentary in the memoir painted a different picture. She expressed disinterest in the past relationship and shockingly revealed that the woman in question was underage. “It had been prolonged because Kody and Meri wanted to wait for the girl they were courting to turn 18 before making their engagement official,” Christine wrote, adding a controversial twist to the tale.

Despite the engagement between Kody and the mystery woman, the relationship disintegrated just a week before the wedding, a moment Christine described as the “happiest” day of her life.

Despite the failed courtship, Kody Brown’s polygamous journey continued. After marrying Meri in 1990, he added Janelle (1993), Christine (1994), and finally Robyn (2010) to his family. With the recent departures of his first three wives, Kody and Robyn now remain in a monogamous relationship.

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Written by Emma Fisher

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