Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says Janelle Brown Saw Him as ‘A Piece of Meat’

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Says Janelle Brown Saw Him as 'A Piece of Meat'

The “Sister Wives: One on One” special for Season 18 has unveiled yet another layer of complexity in the already intricate dynamics of the Brown family. Kody Brown, the patriarch of the “Sister Wives” clan, has made a startling accusation against his former wife, Janelle Brown. In a candid revelation, Kody claimed that Janelle objectified him, reducing him to mere physical attributes. This bombshell dropped in the November 2023 episode, where Kody, reflecting on their past relationship, expressed his belief that Janelle saw him not for who he is but for his physicality.

This assertion of being seen as “a piece of meat” by Janelle came as a surprise, given the history and length of their marriage. During the Season 17 tell-all special, where the couple publicly announced their split, Janelle appeared content with her decision to leave Kody. She expressed a sense of liberation and happiness, stating she no longer cared about the failing marriage. Kody, on his part, focused on the lack of respect he felt from Janelle, but at that time, he did not mention feeling objectified.

Janelle Brown Dismisses Kody’s Objectification Claims with Laughter in Sister Wives Special

Janelle Brown’s response to Kody Brown’s accusation, as seen in the “Sister Wives: One on One” special, was one of disbelief and laughter. When confronted with Kody’s confessional by host Sukanya Krishnan, Janelle couldn’t help but burst into laughter, finding the notion almost absurd. She emphasized her desire for a deeper emotional connection in a relationship, countering Kody’s claim of superficiality.

Kody’s narrative, however, remained unwavering. He continued to assert that Janelle had always viewed him more as a “physical specimen” and a “resource,” failing to connect with his humanity. This portrayal seems at odds with the history of their relationship as depicted on the TLC series, where Kody often appeared to be the one pushing Janelle into uncomfortable situations, such as buying property she couldn’t afford and choosing between him and their children.

The special also shed light on Kody’s dissatisfaction with Janelle’s refusal to reconcile. Despite his expressed desire for a closer relationship, Janelle made it clear she wasn’t interested in rekindling their romance. Kody’s frustration with this rejection was palpable, and he openly blamed Christine Brown for her influence over Janelle, claiming Christine’s impact on Janelle was “pathetic.”

Sister Wives: Brown Family Dynamics Shift Post-Christine’s Departure

The dynamics within the Brown family, particularly following Christine’s departure and remarriage, continue to evolve in unexpected ways. Kody’s remaining relationships, especially with Meri and Janelle, who have both left the plural marriage, and his ongoing marriage with Robyn, add to the complex narrative unfolding in the public eye.

The “Sister Wives: One on One” special concludes, leaving viewers with more questions than answers about the future of the Brown family. The emotional intricacies and contradictions laid bare in the special are a testament to the challenges of managing large, blended families under the scrutiny of the public eye.

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Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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