Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Opens Up About The Fight That Ended Her Marriage to Kody on Sister Wives

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Opens Up About The Fight That Ended Her Marriage to Kody on Sister Wives

Janelle Brown reveals shocking details about the feud that ended her marriage to Kody Brown.

Janelle Brown, a prominent figure on TLC’s hit show “Sister Wives,” has finally spoken about the gigantic rift that ended her marriage.

For more than a decade, viewers have been captivated by the dynamics of the Brown family’s polygamous lifestyle. Fans watched as Janelle and Kody’s marriage slowly crumbled, with each season revealing more tension and unhappiness. But the exact nature of the fallout has remained a mystery – until now.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Janelle gave insight into the explosive feud that ended her relationship with Kody.

Despite being the quieter spouse, usually avoiding confrontation, it seems Janelle Brown had enough. This season, she will stand up to Kody Brown and fans will see the confrontation that closed the chapter on their marriage.

“I might’ve stayed if [Christine] hadn’t left,” she told PEOPLE. But when it ended, she found relief, adding, “This burden came off me, and I thought, ‘Wow. Okay, it’s over.'”

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Although her time with Kody Brown has ended, Janelle’s six children and three grandchildren are proof of her family-oriented approach to life. Her marriage may have had its ups and downs, but Janelle’s family-oriented mindset remains unwavering.

“”I don’t have any regrets. The experience is what gave us the life that we have now. I would do it all again,” she revealed in the interview..

TLC is keeping the details of the explosive feud secret, no doubt to increase anticipation for season 18 of “Sister Wives.” Fans eager to dive into the breakup of this relationship can find all the details on TLC’s official website.

The upcoming season promises drama, heartbreak and an unprecedented look at a relationship that has captivated audiences for years. Join the Browns on this emotional roller coaster and discover the truth behind Janelle and Kody’s breakup.

Are you ready to see Janelle rise up against Kody? This season is sure to get fans talking! Get your popcorn ready and don’t miss the new episodes of “Sister Wives.”

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