Tori Spelling Reveals Desire for Sixth Child Amid Divorce Drama

Tori Spelling Reveals Desire for Sixth Child Amid Divorce Drama

Tori Spelling, a famous actress and reality star, is going through a high-profile divorce from Dean McDermott. Yet, she has expressed a desire for another child. Her wish for motherhood is strong, despite her challenging personal life.

A New Desire in Challenging Times

Tori Spelling, a mom of five, is now facing menopause. She opened up on her podcast, misSPELLING, about her wish for more kids.

Regrettably, she never froze her eggs. So, now her chances of natural conception are fading. “I wish for one more child,” she shared with guest Sara Evans. She also noted the strong desire for motherhood, even in menopause.

This comes as Spelling stabilizes her living arrangements. Before, she and her kids went through tough times, staying in a motel and then an RV. Her new podcast is now a place to share her feelings. Listeners are drawn to her openness about change and vulnerability.

Navigating Family and Future

Spelling dreams of having more children. Yet, she faces the tough reality of dating as a single mom with many kids. Her son, Liam, is seventeen. Beau, her youngest, is only seven. This age gap complicates family dynamics.

Additionally, her stepson, Jack McDermott, whom she co-parented, is now distant from his father, Dean McDermott. This further strains family ties.

Criticism also comes from Dean McDermott’s ex-wife, Mary Jo Eustace. She disapproves of Spelling sharing divorce details on her podcast. The conflict between her private life and public image defines Spelling’s struggles and work.

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