Did Robyn Brown Marry Kody Before Their Spiritual Union?

Did Robyn Brown Marry Kody Before Their Spiritual Union?

Robyn Brown’s integration into the Brown family has always sparked intense discussions among Sister Wives fans. Initially, Robyn seemed to want a large family, but she ended up with Kody more than the entire family. This situation led to speculations that Kody might have married Robyn before their spiritual wedding, given his role as the priest of his home.

The Early Days of Robyn and Kody’s Relationship

Before marrying, Kody Brown often traveled five hours to see Robyn Brown. He’d spend weekends with her and her three children. This routine upset his schedule with Meri, Janelle, and Christine. It was especially hard on Christine, who was heavily pregnant with Truely.

Robyn lived in a small apartment. This made it likely Kody spent a lot of time alone with her. It raised questions about their relationship’s true nature. Moreover, Kody Brown was a high priest in their religious group. He might have married Robyn before their spiritual union. This would have allowed them to spend more time together.Family Dynamics and Tensions

In Season 1 of Sister Wives, Robyn asked for more time with Kody. She said it was crucial for her kids to bond with him. However, Christine and Meri disagreed. They felt that a fiancée shouldn’t get the same privileges as a wife. Also, they thought equal time should begin only after the wedding.

This tension highlighted the complex dynamics within the family. Robyn’s move to be closer to the family caused upheaval, and the other wives struggled with the shift in attention and resources.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

Fans have weighed in on the controversy surrounding Robyn’s early relationship with Kody. Many are critical of Robyn’s demands for equal time before marriage, feeling it was unfair to the other wives and their children. One fan commented, “It takes a lot of gall to tell three women that you deserve equal time with THEIR husband when you aren’t married to him yet.”

Robyn’s Spiritual Beliefs and “Spirit Babies”

Robyn Brown believes in “spirit babies.” She felt her future children’s presence before pregnancy. This belief is part of her religion. It teaches that spirit babies exist before birth. They are destined to be born to specific parents.

Kody Brown’s nephew, Ben Brown, explained this concept further, stating that it originated from Mosiah Hancock’s vision in the 1800s. According to the theory, a war in heaven resulted in a shortage of male spirit babies, leading to the practice of polygamy. This belief in spirit babies provides insight into Robyn’s thoughts on family and her place within the Brown household.

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