What Happened to Shakyia Jackson from My 600-lb Life?

What Happened to Shakyia Jackson from My 600-lb Life?

Shakyia Jackson, from Charlotte, N.C., was one of the youngest participants to appear on My 600-lb Life. At 26 years old, she weighed 655 pounds and struggled with asthma and lymphedema, making it difficult and painful to walk. Her traumatic past, including foster care and sexual assault, led her to turn to food for comfort. Determined to change her life, Shakyia sought help from Dr. Nowzaradan.

Living with her mom Natasha, stepdad, sister Shaniqua, and her three kids, Shakyia initially had a supportive environment. Her sister and friend Delilah drove her to Houston, Texas, to meet Dr. Now. However, after returning home, Shakyia missed her two-month follow-up appointment, where she was supposed to have lost 50 pounds.

My 600-lb Life: Health Setbacks and Struggles

Shakyia Jackson experienced respiratory failure and ended up on a ventilator. Her mother then kicked her out, leading Shakyia to hospice care. After leaving hospice, she lived alone in an extended-stay hotel, with her initial support system seemingly gone.

Despite continued efforts with Dr. Now, Shakyia struggled to stay committed. She missed therapy sessions and lost only 21 pounds over a year, far short of Dr. Now’s 50-pound goal. Ultimately, Dr. Now dropped her from his program, but he left the door open for her to rejoin if she got back on track.

Life After the Show

At the end of her episode, Shakyia Jackson expressed her intention to lose weight, reconnect with Dr. Now, and move to Houston. While this was easier said than done, she appears to have started her own crafting business, selling decorated tumblers, snow globes, phone cases, and bracelets.

Shakyia still lives in Charlotte, N.C., and updates her Facebook occasionally. While she hasn’t shared many photos of herself or mentioned her weight loss progress, a Facebook status from November 2022 suggested she faced health crises that year. In March 2024, she posted a smiling selfie, indicating she was at peace with her life.

My 600-lb Life: Shakyia Jackson Finds Peace Outside the Show

Shakyia Jackson’s episode was emotionally charged. She expressed a desire to get her life under control and live her best life. Despite initial determination, health issues and a lack of support hindered her progress. Dr. Now noted it was a “miracle she was still here” given her health challenges.

While she initially shifted her mindset to focus on weight loss, Shakyia faced hurdles, including a period of illness and the loss of her mother’s support. By the end of the episode, Shakyia had lost only 12 pounds over the year, leading Dr. Now to emphasize the wasted time and effort.

My 600-lb Life: Current Status and Future Plans

Today, Shakyia appears to be in good spirits and is focusing on her customized snow globe and cup business. She has found peace within herself, as evidenced by her social media updates. Although her weight loss journey on My 600-lb Life was fraught with challenges, Shakyia seems determined to continue working on her goals independently.

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