What Is Shakyia Jackson Up To After My 600-lb Life?

What Is Shakyia Jackson Up To After My 600-lb Life?

Shakyia Jackson, one of the youngest participants on My 600-lb Life, was 26 years old and weighed 655 pounds when she started her journey.

Living in Charlotte, N.C., she faced multiple health issues, including asthma and lymphedema, which made walking difficult. Traumatic events in her life, from foster care to sexual assault, led her to seek comfort in food. Determined to change, Shakyia sought help from Dr. Now.

My 600-lb Life: Initial Support and Setbacks

Initially, Shakyia had a support system that included her mom Natasha, her stepdad, her sister Shaniqua, and her friend Delilah. Shaniqua and Delilah even drove Shakyia to Houston to meet Dr. Now. However, after her initial visit, things took a dramatic turn. Shakyia missed her two-month follow-up appointment and went off the grid for months.

Shakyia experienced respiratory failure, waking up on a ventilator and needing a walker to get around. After her mom kicked her out, she was sent to hospice care and later moved into an extended-stay hotel alone, with her initial support system no longer in the picture.

My 600-lb Life: Struggles and Setbacks

Shakyia Jackson continued to work with Dr. Now but faced immense challenges. Despite his efforts to connect her with a therapist, she did not attend the sessions.

Over a year, Shakyia lost only 21 pounds, far short of Dr. Now’s goal of 50 pounds. This lack of progress led Dr. Now to drop her from his program, with the option to rejoin if she met the weight loss goal.

My 600-lb Life: Where is Shakyia Jackson Now?

Shakyia Jackson still resides in Charlotte, N.C., and has started her own crafting business, selling decorated beaded tumblers, snowglobes, phone cases, pens, and bracelets. Her current weight status is unclear, as she hasn’t posted recent full-body photos or mentioned weight loss on her Facebook account.

While her episode aired in April 2024, it was likely filmed in 2022 and 2023. In a November 2022 Facebook post, Shakyia mentioned she had been on her deathbed three times that year, hinting at unmentioned health crises. In March 2024, she posted a smiling selfie, expressing contentment with her life: “This smile holds a thousand words that I can’t even explain. Just know I am [at] peace within myself, and this smile can confirm that.”

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