What Happened to Lisa Ebberson After My 600-lb Life?

What Happened to Lisa Ebberson From My 600-lb Life?

Lisa Ebberson, from Fairbury, Nebraska, appeared on My 600-lb Life seeking help from Dr. Nowzaradan to lose weight. Weighing over 637 lbs, Lisa had been bedridden for years, unable to go outdoors. Her tough childhood, filled with quick and easy diets, contributed to her addiction to food. As a mother and grandmother, Lisa wanted to improve her health to be there for her family.

Lisa Ebberson’s Journey on My 600-lb Life

Lisa’s journey on the show was marked by significant challenges. She began with a weight of 637 lbs and faced a traumatic period when her long-time boyfriend, Randy, passed away from COVID-19 during filming. Randy had been both a supporter and enabler, helping with her daily needs but also contributing to her unhealthy eating habits.

Despite initial progress, losing 83 lbs in a medical center, Lisa eventually quit Dr. Now’s program after accusing him of being rude and not maintaining contact for four months. Her grief over Randy’s death and her struggles with the program’s demands led her to revert to old habits.

Lisa’s Life After the Show

Post-show, Lisa Ebberson has been vocal about her negative experiences with the production team of My 600-lb Life. She accused them of fabricating storylines and claimed they caused her health issues by turning off her medical devices during filming. Lisa detailed an incident where turning off her oxygen machine and urine capture device led to kidney problems, resulting in a month-long hospital stay.

Despite these setbacks, Lisa has continued her weight loss journey independently. She remains active on social media, occasionally sharing updates and interacting with friends. Her most recent posts, from April 2022, show her sending birthday wishes and sharing pictures of her grandchildren, suggesting she is now able to go outside and spend quality time with her family.

Current Status

Lisa Ebberson continues to reside in Fairbury, Nebraska, focusing on her grandchildren and her health. She receives support from her son’s girlfriend, a nurse, who helps her make healthier food choices. Despite the challenges and controversies, Lisa is moving in the right direction, working towards her weight loss goals without the show’s intervention.

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