What Is Delana Boyer Up To After My 600-lb Life?

What Is Delana Boyer Up To After My 600-lb Life?

In the third episode this season, we met Delana Boyer from Greenville, Tenn. Her life has been full of challenges, leading her to seek comfort in food.

Delana’s childhood wasn’t easy. Raised by her cousin after her mom left, life took a dark turn when her mom returned and kidnapped her for a year.

At twenty, Delana faced an abusive partner and the loss of a stillborn child. “It was the hardest moment of my life,” she recalled.

Marriage brought more struggles—divorce, custody battles, and abuse. But Delana found strength to raise her daughter alone.

However, a rift with her daughter led to separation. Now, Delana is determined to change her life for the better.

With the support of her husband and Dr. Now, Delana embarked on a weight loss journey.

Where Is Delana Boyer, The Star Of ‘My 600-lb Life,’ Now?

Delana’s weight loss journey hit a snag at first. At the initial weigh-in with Dr. Now, instead of losing 50 pounds, she gained five. But, this setback motivated her to do better next time. The following visit to Dr. Now, she weighed 578 pounds and got approval for bariatric surgery.

During the procedure, she weighed 539 pounds. After surgery, she aimed to lose 20 pounds monthly. In recent show scenes, Delana walks better and enjoys dates with her husband. Checking Delana’s 2024 Facebook profile, she seems to be doing well.

Though her current weight is unknown, recent photos show a happier, healthier Delana. She appears to reside in Hendersonville, North Carolina now.

Delana may still have some bad habits, but she stays positive and keeps moving forward, which is commendable. Long-term success odds are low, but any progress counts. We wish Delana the best on her journey.

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Written by Emma Fisher

TV Writer.
Emma Fisher is a US Reality TV/Entertainment Writer with theworldnewsdaily.


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